Waste produced across UK industries

Waste management is of utmost importance in any sector, but at times entrepreneurs fail to consider its importance when setting up their own business operations. In conjunction with Reconomy, who specialies 8 yard skip hire, we take a closer look at how different businesses operating in different industries go about disposing their waste. We also […]

Green light for DMA’s Henrietta Hotel design

Dexter Moren Associates have achieved planning approval for the extension of the 18-room boutique Henrietta Hotel in Covent Garden. The hotel, which opened in 2017, is owned and run by the Paris-based Experimental Group, with a cocktail bar, Ollie Dabbous restaurant and quirky interior design by Dorothée Meilichzon. High occupancy rates have created an opportunity […]

Why hotels need to adopt a mobile-first mindset

Mobile-first culture Mobile phones have changed the way we consume content, share experiences, communicate, purchase and interact with brands. With smartphones taking over and simplifying people’s lives, we expect everything to be available quickly at our fingertips. From a marketing perspective mobile has added a level of complexity that didn’t exist 20 years ago and […]