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How to choose the right mattress protector for you and your guests.

Choosing the right mattress protector is crucial to ensuring that the mattresses that you have invested in, last as long as possible. Some guests will look under the bedding to inspect the mattress that they are about to sleep on and if it is dirty and stained they will either complain or just not return, or worse still, turn to review sites and social media to tell others. So what do you need to take into consideration?

Is it waterproof?

This one is always the dilemma. If the protector isn’t waterproof then it’s not really a protector because sooner or later moisture will get through to the mattress and once it does then it will begin to stain. However, choose the wrong type of waterproof protector and your guests might complain that it makes them too hot and sweaty at night. The most comfortable waterproof protector is breathable as well as waterproof. That sounds impossible but it isn’t. The waterproof part of our ‘Allergon’ mattress protector is both breathable and waterproof so it will protect the bed whilst keeping the guest comfortable.

Is it dust mite proof?

Dust mites live in all of our homes and buildings. They need two things to survive - food and water. They eat the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we go about our business. A large portion of household dust is made up of this and the highest amount is shed at night as we move and turn in our sleep. These particles pass through the weave of our sheets and into the mattress below. Perspiration from our bodies also passes through to the mattress and in the top couple of centimetres of the mattress an ever growing colony of dust mites live and breed. However, use a waterproof protector and neither moisture nor skin particles reach the mattress and no dust mites will ever survive in there.

The Snugnights ‘Allergon’ range meets all of the above requirements, it is breathable, waterproof, dust mite proof, comfortable, machine washable and comes in 20 different sizes and probably costs a lot less than you thought. One of 14 different mattress protectors in our range. Contact us for a bespoke quotation as you will qualify for a significant discount off our retail prices.   0151 608 4154   [email protected]

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