8 in 10 Brits Have Experienced a Slip in the Shower

8 in 10 Brits Have Experienced a Slip in the Shower
  • Latest study conducted by shower tray expert, Just Trays, reveals the reality of shower safety concerns
  • Over half of Brits worry about slipping in the bathroom but don’t do anything about it
  • Furthermore, 41% of people didn’t know they could add an anti-slip coating to their showers



A new study conducted by leading shower tray manufacturer, Just Trays, has revealed that out of 1,000 UK residents surveyed, 82.2% of people have experienced a slip in the shower.* And yet, whilst over half of consumers view the thought of slipping in the bathroom as a concern, many do absolutely nothing about it.

Slips in showers can pose significant hazards, especially to older or more vulnerable individuals who may have mobility difficulties. In fact, Age UK reported that 6 people over the age of 65 fall every minute in the UK***, with around 3.4million people over 65 suffer a fall that causes a serious injury (or even death).

All of these falls come with a large price tag. For slips on a wet floor, the most basic injury can result in a compensation claim in the region of £7,430 (according to Legal Expert**), which causes a huge strain on the hospitality industry. On a national level, unaddressed fall hazards in the home are also estimated to cost the NHS in England £435 million.

Yet despite all of this concern, in JT’s recent study, only 32% of people stated that they religiously use an anti-slip mat in the shower*, with most of the nation choosing to shower without, because it ‘ruins the aesthetic’ of the bathroom (21.6%), it’s ‘an additional thing to clean trap dirt’ (50.6%) or they simply ‘don’t like the feel of them’ (27.5%).

John Schofield, Sales and Marketing Manager at the leading shower tray manufacturer Just Trays, said: “It’s concerning to see the extent to which consumers are still putting themselves at risk with the safety of their showering experience, with 8 in 10 adults having experienced a slip in the shower.

“Our survey also discovered that 41% of people didn’t know they could add an anti-slip coating to their showers*, to avoid all of the drawbacks that they dislike about anti-slip mats. So it’s clear that there is still some education to do about anti-slip trays. For most consumers, the term ‘anti-slip’ brings to mind the image of unsightly rubber shower mats that ruin aesthetics, age quickly, and generate a build-up of dirt, which is difficult to clean.

“We have invested in anti-slip properties which have been built into the skin of all of our shower trays, providing consumers with the reassurance they need to minimize slips and falls without sacrificing on look and feel.

“The call for accessible showering solutions is not just a passing trend – it reflects the growing awareness and commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within bathroom design. Anti-slip shower trays can ensure that people of all ages and physical abilities can shower with complete confidence and ease.

“Here at JT, 1 out of 5 of our shower tray sales to retailers are now anti-slip, which has seen continuous growth over the last 10 years since we launched the innovation. By offering anti-slip as an additional feature, there’s a fantastic margin-opportunity for our customers to take advantage of here, benefitting everyone in the process. Yet, there’s still some way to go before every sale features anti-slip technology – so it’s up to bathroom retailers to start educating their clients on why anti-slip is the future of bathroom innovation.”

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