Don’t let poor water pressure and flow ruin your guest’s holiday. New product to ensure powerful showers in B&Bs @salamanderpumps

Don’t let poor water pressure and flow ruin your guest’s holiday. New product to ensure powerful showers in B&Bs @salamanderpumps

Good water pressure and flow is a must have for families embarking on staycations here in the U.K.

Regardless of the location, holidaymakers expect to receive a premium service especially when it comes to their bathroom experience. The reality, however, is that many B&Bs don’t provide optimal water flow and pressure to provide high-performing power showers on every floor, for every guest.

For those in the bed and breakfast business, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water boosting solutions, Salamander Pumps, has provided a much-needed solution with the launch of TankBoost. The new product is an easy to install, single unit solution to ensure water performance remains at optimum levels even in large, multi-storey accommodations. TankBoost guarantees that every guest enjoying an overnight stay will have the powerful shower experience they desire.

Available now, TankBoost will deliver flow rates up to an incredible 80L/min. This level is ideal for even the busiest accommodations where showers, taps, toilets and more are being used at the same time.

Unlike many competing mains boosting solutions, TankBoost has been developed with appearance in mind. Designed with a fascia to make it feel less industrial and intrusive, TankBoost is more aesthetically pleasing than other products of its kind and is also extremely quiet throughout operation.

Claire Thompson, Director of Marketing at Salamander Pumps, said: “Our new TankBoost product is a stand-alone, cost-effective solution that can be trusted to ‘run the show’ – working hard to give even the busiest of B&Bs more than enough boosted water supply. We’re already seeing a lot of anticipation for this launch.

“We often find that accommodators will invest thousands of pounds into creating beautiful bathrooms with large shower heads and body jets, however they don’t always have the water supply to meet the increased water demand this brings. Those planning ambitious renovations and room refurbs for guests should always take the opportunity to ensure everything is in place behind the scenes. This will ensure their luxurious new showers can perform as well as possible – even when the guests across different floors are running the taps at the same time.”

TankBoost is currently available in four different sizes, from 100L to 450L, meaning solutions are available for properties of all sizes. Where a property has particularly high water demand, and space is not an issue, tanks can be linked with additional storage units to increase capacity.

Those ready to cure their water pressure and flow woes can click here for more information: or email [email protected]