Ten Elegant and Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Ten Elegant and Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

The festive season is on the horizon, why not make this Christmas extra special this year by bringing a little extra yuletide joy to your home.

Interior Designer, Benji Lewis offers effortlessly elegant but chic ideas to bring that wonderful warm, festive atmosphere to your interiors. Whether you’re planning a traditional festive look or a contemporary one, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you expand your decorating horizons.

1.  Go opulent; for the festive period it’s important to try and forget the outside noise of what’s happening in the world and immerse yourself in a little escapism.

2.  Incorporate metallic detail to add an extra glint to the sparkle of your fairy lights.

3. Name cards in proper holders at each place setting on your dining table are a great extra addition, way smarter than scribbled names on a piece of paper.

4. Choose a simple colour scheme and stick to it, don’t just look at red and green; think ivory, brown and gold for a ‘thinking outside the traditional box approach’ is super chic.

5. Include candlelight; light a batch of candles, they will provide a warm ambient glow to your room, as well as heat, given the cost of living crisis!

6. Avoid overhead lighting unless you can dim it low; instead use side lighting in the form of table lamps, this will be softer than anything beaming down on top of you.

7. Battery charged fairy lights are a perfect solution, you can weave them artfully amongst your tabletop décor, it gives your table that magical feel and a warm glow or through your Christmas wreath and place it across your fireplace.

8. Accessorise your table settings with small special additions – a bowl of sugared almonds is really charming or if you fancy going the extra mile, have a small wrapped personalised gift for each of your guests on the table. These needn’t be expensive, consider preloved items; for someone who enjoys sewing for example, how about an antique silver or porcelain thimble.

9.For napkin arrangements, cotton or linen is the only way to go do. Don’t get caught up in complicated napkin arrangements, keep is simple and minimal

10. Instead of the traditional Christmas tree, try a lemon or orange tree, a citrus tree will flower and scent your room forever.