Top 6 Most Popular Coffee Cocktails and How to Make Them

Top 6 Most Popular Coffee Cocktails and How to Make Them

Whether you want to impress with your new cocktail skills or have a craving for an espresso martini that you cannot shake, knowing how to create the perfect coffee cocktails at home can help bring that bar atmosphere to your dining room. Adapt recipes to your liking, such as using amaretto coffee to increase flavour intensity or practice presentation with garnishes, serving up class and style.

Using google search data, we have curated a list of the ten most popular coffee cocktails and how to create your very own.

Espresso Martini

The famous Espresso Martini came in the first place, averaging 90,500 searches each month. Invented in London by Dick Brasdell back in the 1960s, this cocktail is rich and smooth, offering first-class indulgence, promising happiness, health, and wealth through the decorative coffee beans.

The recipe:

                25ml Espresso Shot

                25ml Coffee Liqueur

                50ml Vodka

                Syrup to sweeten

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice, and strain into a signature Espresso Martini cocktail glass. If shaken correctly, you will have a thick froth at the top.

White Russian

Second is the White Russian, with 33,100 searches, on average, a month. Created by Gustav Tops in the late 1940s, the White Russian promises a beautiful swirl and creamy taste.

The Recipe:

                60ml Vodka

                2tbsp Kahlua

                1tbsp Cream

Mix the vodka and Kahlua together before serving over the rocks in a traditional, old-fashioned tumbler. Then gently stir the tablespoon of cream into the top of the drink to create a beautiful swirl. Mix thoroughly, depending on preference.

Black Russian

Coming third in our list is the Black Russian, with 14,800 monthly average searches. Also created by the famous Belgian bartender Gustav Tops, the Black Russian offers a straightforward, alcoholic coffee drink without the needed creaminess of the White Russian.

The Recipe:

                50ml Vodka

                25ml Coffee Liqueur

Stir the vodka and liqueur gently into an old-fashioned tumbler with ice to make the perfect Black Russian. Those who like a bit of fruitiness with their cocktails can add a maraschino cherry for garnish. If you find the vodka and coffee combination too strong, you can add cola to create a lighter and longer version.

Irish Coffee

If you’re looking for the perfect hot alcoholic beverage, then Irish Coffee is for you. Created in Limerick by Joe Sheridan, and with 14,800 average monthly views, this hot cocktail can elevate any dinner party.

The Recipe:

                150ml Hot Black Coffee

                50ml Irish Whiskey

                2tbsp Double Cream

                1tbsp Brown Sugar

Freshly brew 150ml of black coffee before adding the whiskey and brown sugar. Mix well until all are combined. Whip the cream until it is thick and add it to the top of your drink. Top tip: use the back of a spoon to keep the separation between cream and coffee. Add toppings of your choice, depending on preference, such as the signature nutmeg.

Café Amore

Fifth in the list with 720 average monthly searches is Café Amore – or French Connection – the warming and nutty drink perfect for elevating your evening events.

The Recipe:

                150ml Black Coffee

                25ml Amaretto

                25ml Cognac

Getting an Irish coffee glass, place the amaretto and cognac shots inside. Fill this to the top with black coffee. Decorate with whipped cream and shaved almonds, for tradition, or chocolate, depending on your preference.

Amaretto Coffee

Amaretto Coffee comes in sixth on our list with an average search volume of 590 a month. This hot, spiked, drink is perfect for the autumn season, and it could not be simpler.

The Recipe:

                250ml Black Coffee

                25ml Amaretto (less or more, depending on taste)

Brewing your black coffee as normal, add a shot of amaretto for taste while it is hot. Top this with whipped cream and shavings for decoration and get tucked in.

Coffee cocktails are highly popular, with average searches reaching the thousands each month. Replicating these at home is easy, all you need is coffee, liqueur, a few spirits, and glasses to make these amazing recipes.