Concierge Auctions are building a next generation commuter belt, connecting residents of high-end property in France to lucrative jobs in London. Those fearing a hard exit from the EU will be able to claim all the benefits of EU membership while still taking advantage of London’s rich economy.

Commuters tired of the same old dreary journey, from a dead-end satellite town into the UK capital, will jump at the chance to travel from the idyllic Nord-Pas-de-Calais countryside to London, on a train journey of just 55 minutes.

No longer are media and tech workers confined to the same old home counties. Instead they can make their daily journey from Chateau Holtz, an 18th century French chateau near Saint-Omer, equipped with six bedrooms, 3 guest cottages, a heated indoor swimming pool, a cellar with space for 5000 bottles and access to superfast broadband.

The chateau also provides easy access to other European hotspots, including Paris, Brussels, Bruges and Amsterdam.

The opportunities provided by this new commuter district will be well received by many of the 3.7 million professionals working in London who make journeys of two or more hours every day. With the average daily commute lasting around 57 minutes, many will be excited at the prospect of a journey taking them from a relaxed French lifestyle to the heart of the UK economy.

Amidst Brexit chaos, this is the future of travel to work. If bought before the UK leaves the EU, these properties will give the owner the chance to claim residency in Europe, keeping both the benefits of EU membership and lucrative jobs in London.

Concierge Auctions are at the centre of Le Nouvelle Commuter Belt, connecting professionals across the English Channel with ease via Eurostar.

Forget the M25. Calais-London is the future.