Serve coffee like a barista with Caple’s CM465GM

Multi award-winning appliance specialist Caple’s CM465GM is for true coffee lovers, who want to conjure up a taste sensation with real beans. Ideal for entertaining, you’ll find you can even make two cups at the same time.

Caple’s CM465GM not only performs brilliantly but it looks super stylish with white LCD touch controls. This model has been specifically designed in a gorgeous gunmetal finish in line with a bank of high-quality cooking appliances, wine cabinets, a fridge-freezer, sink and taps. This carefully coordinated collection comes from the Sense range and has been created for those who are looking for a seamless look in a luxury kitchen.

Product manager Luke Shipway adds: “The milk jug plays an important part in coffee making and this model will not disappoint with a steam nozzle to heat and froth milk. With a handy dial, you can turn this in one direction to encourage more air into the nozzle which will produce a frothy cappuccino. Then, if you turn the dial the opposite way, you will discover how to create silky smooth latte milk. Afterwards, simply press the clean button on the milk jug and this will rinse through any excess milk before you place the jug back in your fridge.”

The CM465GM coffee machine in gunmetal is packed full with features, which will ensure it will always deliver the perfect cup of coffee. For example, 30 Auto programmes enable you to adjust your settings with absolute precision and you can make coffee using fresh or pre-ground beans. There are also five drink volumes, espresso, small, medium, large or mug, to choose from. The water tank is easily accessible from the front and you can serve decaffeinated coffee, too.

Other highlights for the CM465GM include five strengths so you can pick from extra-light to extra-strong to achieve a coffee that will meet every need. The coffee grinder has thirteen settings so you can determine how fine the beans are ground. With an auto ‘switch-on’ timer, you can set the appliance to turn on and warm up at a set time too. You can even change the temperature of the coffee, which is dispensed with three options to choose from.

The CM465GM coffee machine measures 600mmW by 450mmH and costs from around £1,844 including VAT.

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Additional features:
1.8l water tank, 200g coffee bean capacity, 15 bar pressure, drip tray to collect spillages, used coffee ground bin, stand-by energy saving, water hardness setting, cleaning warning, descale programme.

Coffee spoon, descaling agent bottle, milk jug, hot water nozzle

Rated load 1.35kW, fuse rating 10A