Ecovery Innovations

Ecovery Innovations

Ecovery Innovations was launched in 2012 to provide energy saving products and services to lower carbon emissions and operating costs for the foodservice and hospitality industry.


eco4Inspiration for the business came to founder Eric Phillips midway through his 30-year career designing and installing commercial kitchens. “Whilst the industry has made progress in reducing carbon emissions, I could see that certain equipment may never become efficient because of the requirements that operators put on them,” he explains. “So I set out to find ways of utilising the energy discarded by these appliances.”

Phillips claims to have seen a “huge spike” in the appetite for energy reduction products and solutions in commercial kitchens over the past few years, with concern for the environment as well as the bottom line at the forefront of every responsible operator’s mind.eco3

The company’s’ brands KERS (Kitchen Energy Recovery Systems), Controlled Ozone and Grease, all offer their own designed and manufactured products that reduce emissions and utility bills. Phillips says the firm uses a proven matrix to show the potential emission savings and ROI for each individual project.

eco2KERS can heat up to 2500 litres of water to 65c per day without the use of any utility costs, the company’s heat exchangers can be fitted over Electric or Gas Salamander, Gas Fryers. Solid Tops, Bratt Pans and Pizza Ovens.

Controlled Ozone Units have been developed by Ecovery Innovations to efficiently control cooking odours, the units offer a fully controllable Gaseous Ozone Injection for use in controlling odours from kitchen extraction, toilets, bin stores and staff changing rooms, all of this with minimal power usage.

Grease brand uses the high efficiency of Franke Cascade Filters and RY-Electrostatic Precipitator’s to control grease and smoke within with the kitchen extraction system.      

Ecovery Innovations Continues to work to find cost efficient answers to the problems that the modern foodservice industry operators are facing daily.

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