KOPA details new range in rebranded catalogue

KOPA details new range in rebranded catalogue

KOPA Grilling Solutions has published a stylish new catalogue detailing its full range of new and existing ovens, grills and accessories to help consultants and specifiers better understand the sizes, functionality and technical specifications relating to its equipment.

It leads with details of its KOPA Charcoal ovens which can deliver everything a restaurant needs for the highest quality, authentic charcoal grilling experience. In addition to consuming 50% less charcoal than ‘traditional’ open grills, helping to reduce operating costs, KOPA Charcoal ovens also deliver 40% shorter cooking times compared to open grills and up to 66% higher throughput.

Heated by burning charcoal or wood, KOPA Charcoal ovens provide a working temperature of up to 450°C. The ovens are the ideal solution for grilling steaks, fish or vegetables and versatile for cooking in pans and much more. Due to less air movement in the oven chamber, food retains its moisture and doesn’t dry out, meaning the highest quality and consistent output with that unmistakable charcoal flavour.

KOPA Smoking ovens combine a traditional wood charcoal oven with the added speed, flexibility and precision of an electric oven. The versatile ovens can be utilised for both hot or cold charcoal smoking giving operators true flexibility and the power to expand their menus and foodservice offering. With the touch of a button, chefs can also turn their KOPA Smoking Oven into a South American style barbecue smoker and easily prepare briskets, pulled pork, ribs, sausages, and more. They can also turn off the heat and just add authentic wood smoke, utilising their KOPA Smoking oven as a cold smoker to prepare fish or cured meats.

As well as ovens, the catalogue also details KOPA’s grills, including its Japanese Robata-style grills, built with high end steels and only high-grade insulation materials that, together with naturally ventilated housing, prevent excessive heat-up of external surfaces. Different layouts ensure a maximum adaptability of KOPA ROBATA in a kitchen.

The full range of Parilla, Hibachi and Yakitori grills is also featured, along with examples of KOPA’s custom-built ovens designed to any specifier’s design.

Miran Stirn, Managing Director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, says they are constantly innovating to meet the needs of chefs and kitchen consultants: “Consultants want to work with manufacturers who can design equipment around their needs, rather than the other way around. Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences, but it is also to create memorable cooking experiences for those who use our equipment.”

To find out more about KOPA’s leading range of ovens and cooking solutions, visit https://www.kopaoven.com/products/.