First Mats Unveils Stylish and Sustainable Logo Mats Perfect for Hotel Entrances

First Mats Unveils Stylish and Sustainable Logo Mats Perfect for Hotel Entrances

First Mats, the prominent UK floor matting supplier, is thrilled to introduce a remarkable new collection of Logo Mats crafted from ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn, aimed specifically at the hotel industry.


The advanced new range of Logo Mats are a transformation of First Mats’ existing best-selling Logo Mats, which have been trusted and utilised by various organisations across the UK, including top-rated hotels, for over half a decade.


Using ECONYL, which is made from discarded nylon waste such as fishing nets, these mats stand as a testament to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The incorporation of 34% recycled nitrile rubber content and phthalate-free rubber makes them the ideal choice for hotel entrances that witness high footfall.


Why These Logo Mats Are a Perfect Fit for Hotels:


Wider Choice of Colours: With 151 standard colours available, these Logo Mats can be tailor-made to match any hotel’s brand identity or décor. The colour versatility ensures hotel owners can convey their brand image right at the entrance, creating an unforgettable first impression.


Eco-Friendly Credentials: Composed of ECONYL® regenerated nylon, the mats contribute to reducing the global warming impact of nylon. This environmental commitment resonates well with the growing trend of eco-conscious travellers, reflecting positively on the hotel’s brand.


Tried and Tested Durability: Building upon five years of satisfied usage across various sectors, these mats are sturdy and reliable. Hotel owners can trust the longevity of these mats to withstand the daily wear and tear common in bustling hotel entrances.


Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality: Apart from their aesthetic charm, the mats are functional, catering specifically to the needs of the hotel industry, where both elegance and durability are key.


Richard O’Connor, First Mats Marketing Director, stated: “These new Logo Mats signify a perfect blend of quality, performance, and sustainability. They embody an ideal solution for hotel owners looking to enhance their entrance aesthetics while also making a strong environmental statement.”


For hotel owners striving to amalgamate style, sustainability, and substance, the new Logo Mats by First Mats offer an unparalleled choice. The mats are now available for purchase at the First Mats website:


Based in Birmingham, First Mats is a leading provider of high-quality floor matting. Focusing on innovation, performance, and sustainability, First Mats’ products cater to the diverse needs of businesses, including the hospitality sector, prioritising quality and environmental stewardship.