The hottest seat in Brighton

Beach Box Sauna Spa and Wildhut are proud to announce their collaboration to launch a luxury Wildhut sauna on Brighton Beach. Sitting alongside Beach Box’s existing horse box saunas, Wildhut’s 10–12 person ‘Maa Trailer’ sauna features a two metre triple glazed picture window affording unparalleled views of Brighton seafront, pier and sunset in what has been named ‘The hottest seat in Brighton’.

On opening, the sauna was visited by the Estonian Ambassador, and a team of traditional Estonian Aufgass sauna masters who conducted multi-sensory wellness rituals. Using heat, steam, music, smell, salt, honey and birch leaves the rituals create a transcendental sauna experience.

Liz Watson, Founder, Beach Box Sauna Spa, said; “I am so proud of my Wildhut sauna. The people of Brighton have been so supportive and embraced beach sauna so wholeheartedly that I am delighted to bring everyone this luxurious, high-quality sauna. Housing twelve people it is going to further enhance a sense of community and allow space for our rituals, retreats and special events. I was impressed with Wildhut’s meticulous attention to detail and use of high-grade sustainable materials. People are going to love the panoramic window, it really is something special.”

Thaisa Box, Co-Founder, Wildhut, said; “After discovering Beach Box Spa and becoming regulars, we became inspired by what Liz has created to turn our passion into a business. The sauna trend is growing exponentially in the UK and we are incredibly excited to be part of this movement.  Sauna offers very real benefits to people’s health and wellbeing. Wildhut aims to set a standard for luxury in saunas and are made in Britain using the highest-quality sustainable materials.”

Handmade by master-craftspeople in Sussex, a stunning effect is achieved using traditional skills with technology to power sustainable high-performance. Wildhut’s advanced design and build harnesses the beauty and functionality of the finest sustainable materials. Wildhut saunas feature high-grade Western Red Cedar and are insulated with 100% British sheep wool for superior thermal performance and sustainability. Saunas are available in three sizes and feature triple glazed windows with custom glass sizes.

Wildhut empowers wellbeing through community, connection with nature and high quality natural materials. Established by Thaisa Box, a pioneer in London’s wellness industry, and designer Lisa Deller, who were inspired by the Finnish sauna tradition, where a total population of 5 million people own 3.5 million saunas.

For further information about Wildhut please contact Helen Trevorrow or Vicky Hague at Green Row on 0794 000 9138 or email [email protected]