The rise of branded residences across the globe has seen major fashion houses such as Armani and luxury car makers including Aston Martin, offer interior design experts new and exciting opportunities to create unique spaces as brands continue to explore new ways to expand their market share.

Continuing to expand into new markets and determined to showcase their expertise in branded residences and boutique hotels, is award winning, London-based design house, Morpheus & Co., who recently appointed Antonio Quesada as Managing Director, and Winyu Chantadara as Associate Director.

Antonio joins the team from renowned interior design studio, Kelly Hoppen Interiors, where he led the architectural department for almost half a decade. Originally from Spain, his architectural degree, where he specialised in sustainability and construction, will help to offer a fresh and unique perspective on the company’s upcoming projects. Antonio’s passion for interior design was first discovered during his role at Hill House Interiors, where he was involved in a number of exclusive interior design projects.

As Managing Director of the business, his role will involve driving the expansion of the company into new European and Middle Eastern markets, building Morpheus & Co.’s reputation as experts in branded residences and boutique hotels, as well as acting as a facilitator between the interior designers and the architects to ensure the maximum potential for each project is realised.

Winyu joins Morpheus & Co. with extensive experience spanning over 13 years, having led multiple teams to deliver some of the world’s most iconic hospitality and residential developments. At Morpheus & Co., Winyu will be responsible for overseeing the creative direction of the studio and will be at the forefront of driving the business, supporting in its ambitious growth plans to expand its hospitality and residential portfolios and acquire new projects across Europe and beyond. 

In all of his design projects, Winyu meticulously works to retain authentic building features and enhance the inherent character of the architecture and location. Drawing on his vast knowledge and passion for the arts and fashion, he takes a couturier’s approach to design to offer clients ultra-bespoke luxury and tailor-made services and methods. The end result of all of Winyu’s projects is an impeccable, timeless space where architecture, fittings, fixtures, furniture and accessories all flawlessly and harmoniously blend together to create a one-of-a-kind space with the ultimate wow factor.

Antonio Quesada, Managing Director at Morpheus & Co.

Antonio Quesada, Managing Director at Morpheus & Co. said: “Joining Morpheus & Co. at such a key stage of its growth offers a truly fantastic and exciting opportunity. Over the next three years, we aim to reiterate that Morpheus & Co. is the leading interior designer in hospitality and residential projects, whilst maintaining its reputation as a leader of sustainable and ethical design, alongside showcasing that we are experts in branded residences and boutique hotels.

Interior designers have a huge responsibility to design spaces that are both beautiful and functional and I am excited to use my experience in architecture to help support the team to make the most of project designs, whilst also helping the business to grow.”

Winyu Chantadara, Associate Director at Morpheus & Co. commented: “I am thrilled to be joining the Morpheus & Co. team as an Associate Director. Morpheus & Co. is such a well-respected name within the design industry, and I am really looking forward to working on such a diverse range of projects, whilst also helping the business expand its portfolios into branded residences and acquire new projects across Europe and further afield”.