Dura Composites launches A1 fire-rated high-rise porcelain deck plank range

Dura Composites launches A1 fire-rated high-rise porcelain deck plank range

Dura Composites has launched Dura Deck® Inspire, the first ever 1.8m long A1 fire-rated porcelain deck plank balcony solution in the UK, especially suited to applications where the building height exceeds 11m.

This highly-engineered luxury product has the appearance of traditional decking with its variegated wood grain finish and perfect for all high-rise applications and anywhere a class A fire rating is required, and where the metallic finish of aluminium planks may not be desirable.

The new product can be easily fitted to concrete and parapet balconies using Dura’s proven aluminium sub-frame system, but as a market first, Dura Composites has also developed a patent-pending* plank retainer system for installing Dura Deck® Inspire on open steel framed balconies. The retainer enables a floating decking system to be installed under self-weight, without the risk of planks falling should a breakage happen.

The Dura Deck® Inspire Plank Retainer also helps prevent wind uplift and facilitates the quick removal of the decking for maintenance or similar. The decking plank product can span up to a maximum of 750mm at the design standards’ requirement of 2kN – which when compared with timber or WPC decking where maximum spans are 400mm, this is a marked increase in spanning capability. At 1.8m long and a width of 200mm, they are the only porcelain products available that achieve a true timber ‘plank’ appearance rather than the ‘slab’ effect normally associated with porcelain.

An attractive, low maintenance solution

The porcelain decking planks are UV colour stable, do not scratch, scuff, warp or rot, and are very low maintenance. Porcelain has little to no water absorption, meaning Dura Deck® Inspire can withstand fluctuations in temperature with no risk of deformation and returns a ‘low’ slip potential result in all weather conditions.

Each porcelain plank fits easily into a typical lift for transportation to rooftops and balconies for installation. The 20mm thickness planks are supplied in pairs and weigh just 14kg each, meaning that they are easy for one person to manoeuvre around the site safely.

Dura Deck® Inspire planks are produced in Europe with 61% of pre-consumer recycled materials. All the raw materials used in the production come from a radius of 500 miles of the manufacturing plant and the products’ cardboard packaging materials are both made from recycled paper and are in turn recyclable.

Dura Deck® Inspire is available in four attractive colours: Merula, Dove, Juniper and Wren. Free samples of each colour can be requested through the website.

To ensure products are affordable and competitive, special price bands are offered for repeat customers who hold a trade account.

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