WINDFALL – Born to be bespoke

WINDFALL – Born to be bespoke

Windfall started to design and manufacture bespoke chandeliers and after 13 years, we still dedicate most of our time making special designs for our discerning clients, and finding a solution for each individual project.

Bespoke starts with our so called bespoke collection, where all items are tailor-made in shape, size, composition and colour, and ends with creating something completely new.

Windfall is all about bespoke, we need this challenge, this empty sheet of paper and the exchange of scribbles and thoughts with clients, designers and architects.

Brainstorming with our team and finding new techniques with artisans and technicians, to visualise and build the impossible.

A special baby are our bespoke staircase chandeliers, always one of a kind and a landmark for every private residence, hotel or cruise ship.

We have made chandeliers up to 18 meters, that need special requirements regarding statics, structure and lighting.

Not to forget the challenge of finding a good possibility for service and cleaning.

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