Tea-rrific or Tea-dious? What Does Your Favourite Mug Say About You

Tea-rrific or Tea-dious? What Does Your Favourite Mug Say About You

Britain has got itself quite the rep for being a nation of tea drinkers… and that rep isn’t entirely unfounded. Our little island loves tea so much that it’s predicted we drink a total of 100 million cups daily – that’s enough to fill around nine Olympic swimming pools!

We’re also a nation of coffee drinkers too. Between these two hot beverages (we haven’t even touched upon the others), it’s no surprise why many of us hold our favourite mug close to our hearts. We rely on it for a lot, after all.

But what does your favourite mug say about you? Let’s explore here…

Plain mug

If you opt to drink out of a plain, no-fuss mug, you mean business. You feel that your hot beverage doesn’t need to be all singing and all dancing; it has a job to do, and both you and the beverage have reached a mutual understanding here. Whether you’re seeking fuel for the day ahead or something sweet and warm before bed, that’s all you want and that’s all you’re going to get.

Funny slogan mug

You’re the class clown, the joker of the pack. To you, drinking tea or coffee is about so much more than just drinking tea or coffee. It’s a whole adventure and you want to treat it as such by swaggering around your home or office and sparking conversations with people. You want to socialise and have fun and your favourite mug helps you do that.

Initial mug

Favouring a mug emblazoned with your initials screams confidence, self-assurance, and independence, and these are fantastic qualities for a person to have. Initial mugs suggest you’re very protective of yourself and your belongings; you like your property to have your stamp on and hopefully this deters other people from using what’s yours. You know exactly what you want from life and you’re going to get it, no matter what it takes.

Travel mug

If your best-loved mug is a travel mug, it probably means you’re a busy bee and you’re constantly on the go. Trying to get you to stay in one place is like trying to read with your eyes shut! With nearly half of Brits claiming there are not enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. Time is of the essence and every second is precious, which is why you opt to drink your tea or coffee on the go. You can’t commit to a regular mug because you have no idea if you’re staying for 30 minutes or 5.

Disposable mug

Courageous, fearless, and unconventional are all words that spring to mind when we think of an individual who favours disposable mugs over the traditional kind. You’re a maverick, completely free from the shackles the world tries to put on you. Sure, there’s free coffee at home and in the office, but nothing beats the kind you pick up from a café.

“World’s Best Mum” mug

Your kids are your entire world, and you want everyone to know about it. You likely got this mug on your birthday or on Mother’s Day and taking it out of its box felt like one of our life’s greatest honours. You’re a very hands-on mum, and that’s okay! When you’re not physically with your children, you want something to remind you of them until you’re reunited again, and this mug is perfect for that.

Enamel camping mug

When it comes to relishing the day’s tea or coffee, an enamel camping mug is your go-to – always has been, always will be. You appreciate how kind the material is to the environment, and you feel assured that it’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. You don’t have to change for your mug, and your mug doesn’t have to change for you. It’s a match made in heaven.

You don’t have a favourite mug

If you don’t have a favourite mug and prefer to use whatever is available at the time of drinking, you’re not a fan of commitment. That’s not to say that you fear it; it’s more likely that commitment fears you. You’re free-spirited and prefer to see where the wind takes you on any given day than sticking to a plan. Monday could be a funny slogan kind of day, whereas Friday might beg for plain and no-fuss. Who knows? You don’t, so you’ll just wait and see.

Which category did you fall into?

Clearly, we can learn much about ourselves by the type of mug we trust to hold our treasured hot beverages. If you don’t relate to the description that comes under your current favourite mug, perhaps this is a sign to experiment with a new one! Be the type of person you want to be – just make sure you have the mug to match.