Ways that hotels can improve their customer experiences

Ways that hotels can improve their customer experiences

The customer experience is fundamental to any business’s success, and this is no different for a hotel. With so many options out there, customers are only going to return to hotels that are truly exceptional so perfecting the experiences of your guests should be a priority for all hoteliers, and making sure that every interaction is positive.

Paying attention to the details is essential but of course, that’s easier said than done when you don’t know what to look for. Take a look at our guide on how hotels can improve their customer experiences:

Make it easy to find

If your hotel is difficult to find, you’ve already provided the potential for your guest’s visit to start off on a bad note. There’s nothing more frustrating than driving around in circles, trying to find the place you’re supposed to be relaxing in.

This is all easily preventable! Make sure that your hotel is visible and accessible by investing in clear signposting and ensuring there are comprehensive directions available on the hotel website.

Thorough staff training

Your staff are your guests’ first point of call when they have a question or need some assistance. Nothing speaks of your establishment’s professionalism more than when you have employees who are able to deal with a variety of issues seamlessly and this can be achieved by training.

Providing your staff with extensive training keeps their hospitality skills fresh and identifies areas that need improvement. Let’s face it – no one is going to give their repeat business to a hotel where the staff were rude and inattentive.

Pay attention to customer feedback

Customer feedback can make or break a hotel – negative comments could have potential guests overlooking your business for years to come. But while we’d prefer there to be none, customer reviews also let you know what’s working at your hotel and areas where it’s lacking. You then, as an owner, have the opportunity to respond and rectify any problems.

Paying attention to what customers are telling you is crucial to any hotel’s success. There are plenty of ways to respond to both negative and positive reviews that boost your establishment’s image.

Utilise technology

Smart technology is quickly cementing itself as essential in the hospitality industry, from online ordering and booking systems to social media. It’s certainly not something that any successful hotelier can ignore.

Utilising the developing technology is going to allow your hotel to stay competitive in the coming years and increase consumer confidence in your brand. Investing in automated check-ins and secure payment systems are amongst some of the technology hoteliers can invest in to boost revenue and stay relevant.