New Season Lighting Trends from Gong

New Season Lighting Trends from Gong

The new Spring/Summer season is upon us and Jo Plismy, lighting designer and founder of Gong, shares her expert knowledge of the latest trends and fashions in lighting interior design.  From her work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants and decoration shops all over the world, Jo is perfectly placed to keep at the cutting edge of lighting design.

Sustainable Lighting

“Environmental impact has been a hot topic for sometime now and is showing no signs of slowing down,” comments Jo.  She continues, “Since the pandemic, there is definitely a move to try to live more sustainably in general, which I believe can only be a good thing. In some respects, we had become a bit of a throw away society and the pandemic made us all stop and think about the products we use in our lives and how much wastage we create. For interior design this means incorporating energy-efficient products into projects whenever possible and being careful to select items made from sustainable materials. As a result, in the lighting industry we are likely to see more designs from reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as natural materials such as bamboo and rattan”.

“As business owners, we are all keen to ensure our production methods and packaging materials are regularly monitored to make sure as a company we make as little environmental impact as possible, another point which our customers appreciate.  Where the bulbs are concerned, today’s LED energy-efficient bulbs are up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting up to 25 years. We are now seeing these already efficient bulbs coupled with smart hubs to ensure lights are not left on and this is likely to become more and more commonplace, as we seek control of our energy usage,” explains Jo. 

Lighting from Natural Materials

Sitting comfortably alongside the desire for more sustainable products is the trend for using natural materials in interior design.  As Jo comments, “Lighting designs made from natural materials such as glass, cork, silk, linen, rattan and even seashells are likely to be in demand more than ever for the coming season, as interior designers seek to incorporate organic, natural elements into their designs, which also tick the box of being eco-friendly. Themes of nature follow on organically from this as designers find new and different ways of inviting the outside in, something which takes on even more emphasis over the Summer months”.

The age-old concept of Biophilia, that is that humans have an inherent affinity for nature therefore their living environment should more closely connect to it for enhanced health, well-being, and productivity, continues to be of great interest for interior designers and lighting is an important element in such schemes.  Jo explains, “For lighting designs we can expect to see organic materials and shapes of nature mimicked, as well as overall concepts which support circadian rhythms by copying the natural pattern of the sun to provide good levels of light throughout the day”.

Quality that Lasts

“People are looking to invest in quality lighting that will last a lifetime” says Jo.  She continues “While there will always be new trends and fashions, at the heart of these designs will be a timeless quality backed by high quality materials. Our own lights have always been about timeless design coupled with expert craftsmanship. Of course, difficulties in importing and price increases in shipping is also leading to higher price points, making every purchase more considered.”

Go Big & Bold

“Unique, larger-than-life light fixtures are one trend predicted to be big for SS22 and we are definitely seeing a move towards more unique, sculptural designs. Lighting is a great way to make a statement in a room and contrary to popular belief, oversized lights or lamps look great in smaller rooms, as well as in larger spaces.  I like to see lighting designs like pieces of artwork, and bold designs, tactile textures and sculptural shapes provide interest to a design scheme even when the light is turned off,” advises Jo.

Jo continues, “Equally if not more important is the warmth of the light and how the light is diffused through the room. This is a very important factor in our creations and only enhances larger-than-life fixtures. Some of our models have shades with a golden interior to provide a warm hue, some have a design that allows beautiful reflections on the walls, and some will use fabric which is particularly gorgeous to see through and will change colour when the light is lit.”

Scandinavian Styling

“Nordic inspired interiors are also predicted to be big for SS22 and for lighting this means simple, clean shapes and a muted colour palette with elements of brass and wood.  This relaxed vibe has timeless elements to it, incorporating natural materials, and open bright spaces. Lighting designs which have an element of texture to them are a great way to add warmth to this minimalist modern style and choosing shades in soft hues will make the space feel inviting,” advises Jo. 

Jo Plismy, Founder


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