Deliciously Sustainable! Cirio Champions CLIMATE Neutral! Cirio: We Care! Do you?

Deliciously Sustainable! Cirio Champions CLIMATE Neutral! Cirio: We Care! Do you?

Cirio – producer of the UK’s favourite Italian brand of tinned tomatoes – is the first company in the canned tomato industry to reach and declare total CO2 neutralisation on its top selling chopped tomato range.

The authentically Italian tomatoes have taken sustainability to a whole new level meaning they are as good for the planet as the plate.  The company can now claim ZERO impact on Climate Change thanks to the neutralisation of any CO2 emission residuals.

Cirio is launching a UK wide sustainability campaign via public relations, social media and a raft of videos and education initiatives.

Cirio tomatoes come from an ethical sustainable Italian cooperative of 14,000 associated farming companies. Cirio cares about its lands, products and all the people involved in creating the seeds they plant to the tables of everyone who enjoys their delicious tomatoes around the world.

Becoming climate neutral is part of a major ground-breaking sustainability project with a commitment pledge:

Our hearts and souls are totally committed to sustainable production of the highest quality Italian tomatoes’

The company has revealed its 10 Steps to Sustainable Tomatoes:

10 Steps to Sustainable Tomatoes

1. Precision Agriculture 

We use digital technologies in the fields to minimise our use of natural resources to create the safest and most productive harvests.

2. Water and Waste Recycle

Working with the weather satellites we selectively irrigate precisely where needed, drop by drop. We recover and reuse 70% of the water we use in the factories and generate 30% of our electricity from waste by a Biomass system.

3. Virtuous Farming 

We use 70% fewer additives than the EU legal limit allows, thanks to advanced farming techniques that combine modern methods with ancient techniques, like the rotation of the soil to boost fertility and the use of antagonist insects launched by drones to fight disease.

Positive Production

4. Renewable Energies

We use wind, solar and thermal energies to fuel our plants. The wind energy we farm fuels most of our production.

5. Transparency and Traceability

From our GMO-free seeds to our consumers’ tables; a fully controlled and traceable production guarantees THE best and safest products and an eco-sustainable pathway along our entire supply chain

Dynamic Distribution

6. Less packaging 

We have cut the packaging weight of our products and the amount of plastic we use whilst also increasing the use of recycled plastic. We also switched to FSC carton packaging with reduced C02 emissions.

 7. Less lorries

Our 10 factories are located less than 50km from the field.  We favour rail transport whenever possible to reduce pollution levels.

All Embracing Ethics

8. CO2 Neutralisation

Working with Universities we carry out analysis of the entire life cycle for our products and calculate their exact Carbon Footprint. Then we minimize it working with our partners in the supply chain. We also fund projects like FSC -Forests for all forever- to create a climate neutral and circular economy.

9. No Food Waste

We donate goods to support local communities and charities and minimise food waste

10. Fair Trade

We regularly audit our farms ensuring respect for ethical code and a fair reward for our farmers’ harvests, and all their workers.

We also follow stringent ethical codes and social practices to protect all other stakeholders:  employees, suppliers, customers, 3rd parties, and our end consumers.