Taking back control: lighting systems for the hotel industry

Taking back control: lighting systems for the hotel industry

Hotel rooms are left unoccupied around 70% of the time. So, without automated room control management, hotel buildings waste enormous amounts of energy at the expense of the environment — and rack up hefty utility bills.

That is why hotel maintenance teams turn to intelligent lighting control systems to improve room management, provide a seamless guest experience and minimise energy consumption.

By connecting to the power circuits that supply a room, these intelligent systems can manipulate and monitor not just the lighting but sockets, solenoid valves, fan coil units, minibars, televisions, USB ports and more.

Facilitating a greener future

During the coronavirus lockdown of 2020, research suggested that many hotels had only reduced their energy consumption by 16% on average, despite rooms being unoccupied for weeks at a time.

However, intelligent controls have been found to reduce hotel energy consumption by 28% and make the job of facilities managers easier. With automation, maintenance engineers can regain control over energy use by turning off power supplies in rooms when they are not occupied or adjusting the energy consumed by different applications in response to their changing use.

Providing ultimate control with architectural lighting

For a more comprehensive and flexible control solution, a bespoke architectural control system is preferred. In a luxury hotel, where occupants might have paid thousands of pounds for their stay, every detail counts.

Every fixture in a room can be monitored remotely with architectural lighting controls, providing accurate real-time data and alerting staff immediately to anything from a leaking pipe to a bulb outage. Emergency light testing can also be automated to ensure buildings remain fully compliant, giving hotel managers one less thing to worry about.

Delivering flexible, fully networkable lighting control solutions

Innovative room and lighting controls can provide a hotel with a unique atmosphere and user experience for both staff and guests.

TheisCraft provides fully flexible control systems for luxury hotels to improve hotel management and elevate the guest experience. Software and technology are purpose-built for each specification, ensuring every room operates at the optimum energy-consumption level while maximising comfort.

These solutions are easily maintainable with a no-fuss ‘plug-and-play’ installation, allowing facilities managers to start saving time, energy and money from the moment the system is up and running.