Round the Woods

Round the Woods

Creating bedtimes your guests will remember for all the right reasons doesn’t happen by accident. Not only do you need to create a relaxing environment, but you also need to provide well-made beds, created with comfort in mind. We spoke to Kate from Round the Woods, a Glamping paradise in rural Norfolk, about being a Soak&Sleep wholesale customer. Read on to find out how she makes sure her customers have the ‘best night’s sleep ever’ to keep those 5-star reviews rolling in.

You’ve been a Soak&Sleep customer for some time now, why did you first choose to use their products?

We’ve used Soak&Sleep since 2015 when we first set up our glamping business. We wanted to give our guests as comfy a bed as possible and knew the best place to start was with the mattress. So many people have terrible mattresses at home, and we wanted to give them a real treat. We researched and investigated the different options and read SO many reviews before finally choosing Soak&Sleep, who offered expert advice to help us make the right choice. We were delighted with the mattresses they recommended, so then invested in their Hungarian Goose Down duvets and pillows and their 600 thread count bedlinen, and honestly couldn’t be happier, and nor could our guests!

So, why do you keep using Soak&Sleep products?

It’s not just about their products, they offer outstanding service. Being a trade customer means we get some real advantages such as a discount, a dedicated wholesale contact and speedy delivery. They really go out of their way to help you too. A few years ago, we were unlucky enough to have an entire bed stolen from one of our yurts. We had guests arriving the following day, and needless to say it felt like a complete disaster. However, we got on the phone to Soak&Sleep and they were able to send us everything we needed in time for the next guests to arrive, who were none the wiser. The Soak&Sleep team really saved our bacon!

Do you have any favourites?

I love the 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton bedlinen. Our guests often comment on how luxurious it feels and it’s also incredibly durable. Even after six years of being in business, we’ve only had to replace bedlinen that guests have stained; none of our original bedlinen looks old or worn in the slightest.
We also use the All-Seasons Hungarian Goose Down duvets and matching pillows – they feel so soft and snuggly and keep our guests warm no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

You mentioned your guests love the products, can you tell us more?

Yes, they really do! We’ve had several guests place orders for Soak&Sleep bedding ready to arrive for them when they get home, because they’ve loved sleeping in our beds so much. We love it when our guests tell us how comfortable they found our beds and leave us feeling happy and refreshed.
As someone who’s clearly making their guests very happy, could you let us in on your secrets for a perfect bedroom?
Of course! First, get your mattress right. We use King Size mattresses with a pillow top. We then increase the comfort factor by adding a topper too. Not only does that make the bed feel even softer, but it helps keep guests extra cosy. Top quality cotton sheets in a high thread count make an enormous difference, especially if they’re beautifully ironed. And goose down duvets and pillows feel like a real treat. They’re light, lofty and warm and really enhance the entire bedtime experience.

Find out more about becoming a Soak&Sleep wholesale customer by visiting or call a dedicated friendly advisor on 01483 616 616.