Séura® Lighted Mirrors Are Climbing the List of Must-Haves for Luxurious Room Design.

Séura® Lighted Mirrors Are Climbing the List of Must-Haves for Luxurious Room Design.

Séura, a U.S.-based designer technology company releases their latest developments in high-tech lighted mirrors for a broad span of applications from residential use to the hospitality industry.

Welcome to a world where the finest design details become everyday pleasures. There’s nothing like walking into a room that pleases your senses and supports your busy lifestyle. Séura’s lighted mirrors bring you cutting-edge Radiant LED Technology™, featuring the industry’s most advanced COB LEDs, plus a new lineup of modern touch control features that bring exciting functionality to your fingertips.

Séura reveals their most recent innovations in interior room design, including the ability to dim the lights with a touch of a button, a multitude of ways to perfect your task lighting for makeup application, in-mirror touch-controlled night lights, and so much more.

“We design with you in mind. We know the way to support you is to bring you the most advanced technology, inspiring designs, and intelligent functionality that adds that touch of luxury and simplicity.”


Mirrors have always had the magical ability to open a room with spaciousness and light reflection. And now, with the powerful brightness of Radiant LED Technology™, you can attain even more beautiful luminosity and ambiance. Séura’s stunning lighted mirrors are the modest focal point you can design an entire room around. And beyond visual appeal, these versatile mirrors can be equipped with an almost endless combination of touch control features to satisfy the most extreme technophile.

Séura’s Impressive Touch Button Lineup

Séura pairs striking mirror designs with touch button functionality for do-it-all lighted mirrors. With the lineup below, you can expect a high level of in-mirror technology that provides luxurious conveniences.

  • Touch Control Dimming – Meet the sophisticated lighting that balances the room with your mood. Séura’s lighted mirrors adjust to every changing moment of your day with dimming control. Gently touch and hold the in-mirror button to lift or dim brightness levels from 100% full brightness down to 10% ambient low-lighting.
  • Touch Control Color Temperature – Choose from an array of natural white color hues to enhance your home’s ambiance, flatter your look, and align with your activities. Séura lets you tune your lighting to your preferences with the touch of an elegant in-mirror button. The color temperature adjustment serves as beauty lighting so you blend and perfect your makeup shade to match your next location—warm color temperatures prep you for intimate evening settings, natural white suits indoor events, and cool clean white simulates outdoor daytime activities.
  • Touch Control Night Light – Just a warm glow of sleep-inducing low light is all you need so you can drift back to dreamland easily. This small night light is hidden below the bottom edge of the mirror so it casts light downward and matches your sleek, functional style. A long lasting, low-voltage LED night light that you can leave on all night, every night, takes minimal power that’s separate from the mirror lighting, so you save energy by using your nightlight only when you need it. Simply tap the in-mirror touch button to turn the night light on and off.
  • Touch Control Defogger – Expect a clear view every time, with mirrors that remain clean and spotless after steamy showers. Spend zero time waiting for the mirror to clear, and more time on what matters. Séura’s Touch Control Defogger warms the mirror’s surface so there’s no need to wipe away drips or streaks. When the mirror is powered on, the energy-efficient button senses your touch to power the defogger on and off.
  • Touch Control Clock and Dimming – This is the minimalist’s fast-track to punctuality. This in-mirror clock illuminates with crisp digital precision, frees up your counter space, and helps your morning stay on track. The time is displayed within the mirror to deliver a clean, modest impression. Use the in-mirror touch button to set the clock, turn the mirror lights on and off and adjust the lighting brightness as desired.

Groundbreaking and Sustainable: Radiant LED Technology™

See the beauty of innovation with industry-leading, energy-efficient COB LED lighting. Séura’s lighted mirrors with Radiant LED Technology™ are 15% brighter than their previous models and 25% brighter than the competition. Radiant LED Technology™ generates powerful, natural color that revitalizes the room, with evenly diffused light to brighten and smooth your appearance. Séura combines a high CRI rating with a high R9 value (red color) to create the most vivid representation of actual color.

Feel good about your global footprint and enjoy cost savings too. With more light produced for less energy, you can lower your electrical bill and enjoy sustainable, environmentally-friendly LEDs that last for years. Radiant LED Technology™ uses 44% less power than conventional LEDs.

Lackluster and harsh lighting is a thing of the past. Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior reflectivity and seamless integration with a broad suite of customization options make Séura’s lighted mirrors the star of every design project. Are you ready for the next level of simple, sleek luxury? Upgrade your Lighted Mirror with touch control technology, starting at an add-on cost of just $125 MSRP.

To learn more about Séura, view product specifications, or to speak with one of our experienced professionals to customize your next design project, visit www.seura.com.

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