takepayments launches ‘Order and beepaid’ app to help small businesses adapt to an everchanging COVID environment

takepayments launches ‘Order and beepaid’ app to help small businesses adapt to an everchanging COVID environment

For many hospitality outlets, order at table apps have become a business saving solution, allowing bars, restaurants, pubs and coffee shops to balance Government safety guidelines with enhanced customer service and experience.

Figures from takepayments show that nearly a quarter (22%) of small businesses have already moved their business online and nearly a third (31%) have introduced some form of QR code system since the start of the pandemic.


Launched this month by takepayments, a new app – ‘Order and beepaid’ – is now providing enhanced functionality to businesses including time configured menus and owner access from any device for remote login.


The app  – available to view here – is perfect for restaurants, pubs and cafes looking to introduce a QR code service which has a fast set up, is easy to use and requires minimal work as takepayments take care of setting up your business with the service.


Why use Order and beepaid

No hassle set up. takepayments do it for you.

Making it easy for businesses during these unusual times has been a key consideration. The setup of a QR code system specific to your needs is all done by takepayments.

Just send a copy of your menu and they will upload it and generate your business’ QR code. You simply print it off, place it around your business, and your customers can start ordering.


Quickly adapt to lockdowns

Order and beepaid means you can quickly adapt to a collection and delivery service to keep your business trading if tighter lockdowns hit.


No tricky pricing

It’s affordable and simple. Unlike most competitors, you will only pay for rental and card processing fees.


Customise your menus

Menus can be time configured to only show when they are available. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even Sunday menus, can be shown at specific times to enhance the user experience on the app.


Manage orders on multiple devices

Business owners or managers can log in to Order and beepaid from any internet enabled device from anywhere to keep an eye on their business.


Send orders to relevant areas

Send drinks to the bar or food to the kitchen, where they can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop.


Track and trace

Add one contact per table to help you take part in the Government’s Track and Trace scheme.


Sandra Rowley from takepayments said: “We understand how difficult and unpredictable these times are for business owners and want to do everything we can to help ensure their business continues through this time. We’re here to support business owners who are already under pressure to make sure their business survives.


“The Order and beepaid app is the perfect solution for businesses looking to adopt a QR code system for ordering and easy payment. Our specialist joining team will hold business owners’ hands through setup until they are completely confident with their service. The app also allows hospitality businesses to quickly adapt to a collection and delivery model.

For more information visit – https://www.takepayments.com/order-and-beepaid/