Private cars used in commercial situations

With approximately 38 million cars on UK roads at the end of 2018, the automotive industry is larger than ever. Almost every year since the end of the Second World War, the number of vehicles has increased. Although vans, or light commercial vehicles, exist as the fastest growing category, a number of cars actually fulfill the commercial jobs that often consider other vehicles to be associated with.

Here, with Lookers, who sell a wide range of used Mercedes, we examine the variety of private cars used in commercial situations.


The vehicle of choice for delivery drivers throughout history has been the 50cc scooter. Equipped with go faster stripes, a top box capable of carrying three medium hawaiian’s, and a seriously enhanced lack of grip in wet weather – it made a challenging job even more complex. Fortunately, for those brave souls spending their evenings servicing our takeaway needs, there’s a new kid on the block.

The latest development by Smart Car, the smart ForTwo Eq, certainly packs a punch – helping drivers deliver your dinner as opposed to taking your lunch money. But why are drivers in London choosing the electric option as opposed to the trusty moped? Cheap insurance, a bypass on congestion charges, and a positive impact on the environment, need we say more.

Although the electric smart car may not be fit to compete with the super cars of the world in a time trial at the Nuremburg circuit it offers a lot. Regular charging points dotted around most major towns and cities throughout the UK and the added luxury of keeping dry, means it is taking off as the chosen companion for delivery drivers.


Choosing to take a company car in the first place for a sales representative can often be a difficult choice thanks to heavy taxation. If you do opt to go down that route though, where do you place your bets? Again, just like the taxi-driver, the sales rep will undoubtedly be racking up miles for fun, therefore a diesel automatically stands out. The VW Passat BlueMotion TDI can offer a realistic return of 60mpg when driven sensibly, placing it highly amongst those in the business. Recently however, the Hybrid Toyota Prius has seen a sprout in popularity, perhaps due to its innovative design or a renewed sense of environmental conscience throughout their owners.


Although a delivery driver might be carrying out a variety of short journeys through the inner city, when a cab driver pulls up to pick up their fare, the distance to drop off could range from the next street to crossing three county borders. With this in mind, comfort and dependency rank highly on a taxi-driver’s list of priorities when shopping around for their latest car.

Going out to buy a diesel car for personal use can often be a daunting experience due to the larger initial outlay and the fact each time you pull up at the pump you’re reminded that petrol is about five pence cheaper. When high mileage is a certainty though, diesel engines prove their worth and repay your trust, proving more economical and ultimately more reliable, particularly once the milestones on the clock begin to replicate.

The Skoda Octavia, has, for this reason, established itself as a strong choice for cabbies all throughout the world. However, Skoda’s newest project, the Superb, was named as Carzone’s Best Car for Taxi Drivers 2018., The superb is starting to win the hearts of those behind the wheel, offering everything its sister model does, but with additional comfort and at a reasonable price. Regardless, one simply cannot ignore the sheer popularity of Mercedes E-Class, which over the past thirty years has remained a firm favourite within the taxi business.

As we’ve taken care of the everyday taxi choice, we must similarly consider the luxurious chauffer driven options. Uber has raised the bar for taxis, as budget bids to compete with class. If, as a chauffer you’re not going to be carting about celebrities 24/7, you will be looking for a vehicle that appeals to a wider client base. The Audi A4 holds its own as a multi-purpose vehicle, with its upgraded S-Line version plating up a good serving of power, whilst similarly staying within the affordable boundaries.

Then, however, we move onto to the chauffer driven vehicles that are going to be catering to the needs of pop stars and premier league footballers 365 days a year. The king of all luxury cars, the Rolls Royce Phantom, deserves a full dose of consideration, if this is the case. Described as the most luxurious and elegant method of travel, its sleek leather interior provides an experience like no other.

Perhaps by 2025, we will see a significant increase in the amount of EV’s (Electrical Vehicles) being used for commercial purposes, as already seen with the Smart EQ. We don’t know what the future might hold in the development of driverless vehicles, which could be delivering our takeaway meals and online orders before we know it.

It should come as no surprise that not all jobs can be carried out from the comfort of your own home, or from the desk chair in the office. Many of us must hit the road on a daily basis, fulfilling the duties laid out in our employment contracts. That said, which car do you call upon to help you? We’ve provided just a few examples of private cars which service commercial situations, but the roads are awash with them!