Andrews Chiller Lowers Temperature at Gala Dinner

As more than 150 guests arrived for the Senior Open Golf Championship Gala Dinner in the banqueting marquee in the grounds of Hensol Castle they were assured of some of the finest food in Wales, set in a stunning historical setting, in an atmosphere where the ambient temperature was precisely controlled by equipment supplied by Andrews Chillers.

Hensol Castle is part of the impressive estate of the Vale Resort which boasts two championship golf courses which have hosted a number of European Tour tournaments over the years, including the 2006 and 2007 Wales Seniors Open, and a number of Challenge Tour events.  A major coup for the Resort was being selected to host the players for this year’s Senior Open Golf Championship at Porthcawl, which took place last month (July 2014)

89_0025 - 50kW chiller

The organisers and main sponsor wanted to ensure that the Gala Dinner on the eve of the main event would be a joyous and wonderful occasion and act as a perfect backdrop to the tournament that lay ahead.  Whilst guests enjoyed this first class dining experience, operating quietly in the background was an Andrews Chillers 50kW fluid chiller heat pump connected to four 15kW fan coil units to keep guests cool.

Andrews Chillers Hire, part of the Andrews Sykes Group, is one of the leading chiller equipment hire organisations, supplying to an extremely diverse customer base from industrial manufacture, office blocks, hospitals, shopping malls, function rooms and festival venues.  The call for temporary hire can be to supplement existing systems, as a replacement whilst repairs are undertaken or as a dedicated standalone system such as at supplied for this year’s Senior Open Golf Championship gala dinner.

The marquee at Hensol Castle which measures 21m x 12m was to accommodate around 150 invited VIP guests and players..  With so many people in a relatively confined space, plus hot food and unexpected higher than normal summer temperatures they could all contribute to creating a very uncomfortable hot and humid environment.  To prevent this occurring at one of the most

prestigious events in Wales this year, event organisers insisted that the marquee was equipped with first-class temporary chiller hire solution to control air-temperature; this proved a wise decision as

temperatures on the day soared above 30oC.

In the build up to hosting the main event engineers from specialist equipment Hire Company

Andrews Chillers appraised the venue’s requirements and drew up a system configuration that could be installed quickly, would operate quietly and automatically adjust to changes in air temperature. One of the key requirements was that the overall system including pipework had to be unobtrusive and not distract from the luxury of the internal dressing of the marquee.

Six days before the gala dinner Andrews Chillers delivered and installed an integrated cooling/heating system comprising a robust and extremely reliable 50kW heat pump and four 15kW fan units.  The heat pump was positioned outside the marquee with pipe runs to each individual air unit sited virtually in each corner of the marquee.  During installation the whole system was filled with fluid to create a self-contained sealed pressurised installation.

89_0025 Air handling unit

The Andrews 50kW heat pump circulates chilled water to each of the four fan coil units which are able to deliver air flow into the marquee as rates of up to 1200m3/h.  Warm air from the hospitality marquee is drawn into the lower portion of the air handling units, circulates over the ‘cold’ coils resulting in a drop in temperature, the cooler air is then gently blown back into room from the top vents.  Since temperature change will depend on air flow, air temperature and humidity the Andrews Chiller solutions had to adjust automatically to variants.

As the warm air passes over the cold coils the water temperature rises, this returns to the chiller as

part of the closed loop to be chilled and is then re-circulated to the air handling units.

This totally closed loop chiller system supplied for the gala dinner at the Senior Open Golf Championship is typically of the equipment configurations that Andrews Specialist Hire supplies where temporary standalone heating/cooling is required.  And with a network of more than 22 depots, one of the most comprehensive ranges of hire equipment and local engineers on hand to provide expert advice and guidance chiller solutions can be quickly in place.


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