Join our research panel, make extra income

Join our research panel, make extra income

Get a behind the scenes look at what the best companies in the world are testing.

Participate in research studies, get paid for your feedback and comments.

We’re looking for professionals from all walks of life to join our research panel. Answer research questions (1 to 10 minutes per survey), get paid.

It’s a way for you to give to the community while having a low-key side hustle.

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Help shape how leading companies in the world do their marketing

Industry-leading B2B companies use Wynter to nail their marketing and product messaging through customer research and message testing.

How it works?

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Fill in our onboarding survey.
You’ll be invited to participate in tests based on your professional profile.

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You will be invited to give feedback to different websites, creatives or sales copy. One test takes 7-15 minutes.

Get paid

After every test, we’ll pay you $10-$50, depending on the session length and requested audience criteria (that comes up to $85 to $200/hr)

15 minutes or less per survey.
When you want to.

Every now and then we’ll email you when a company is seeking people with your profile. You can choose to be part of the study if it’s convenient for you.

It takes ~10-15 min to be part of one test, super low key time commitment.

What our panelists say:

Aside from the financial upside, these tests are kind of like fun, micro side-projects where I get to use my very specific skills and experience to help others. I know how valuable user feedback can be, so being able to provide that to others (and get paid for it) feels great.

Jordan S.

Product Manager @ TunnelBear

I write for a living. It’s always great to see what others are doing as well as help them write better. I learn a ton about what works and what does not from people who are trying to convince me to buy something. I rarely get to experience that.

Jarie B.

Owner @ JSY PR & Marketing

I think it’s good practice to provide structure/rationale behind my thoughts. And, of course, helping people!

Erin S.

Content Strategist @ PayPal

Start making extra income while helping companies with their research.