Ozone Sanitiser to be trialled in a top ten pub to increase confidence and offer indoor protection from COVID-19

Business owners from some of the hardest-hit sectors of the UK economy are working long hours to keep their businesses running. They are highly aware of how their COVID risk reduction strategies impact income. Many hotels, pubs and restaurants have reduced indoor occupancy, and many customers have switched to takeaways until they feel more confident about infection rates, which are now rising again.

‘The Bell Inn’ in Essex hope to be one of the first establishments to be running a trial of an advanced type of Ozone Sanitiser that has been backed by government grants through Innovate UK scheme over the last two years.

Carol Anne Vereker at The Bell Inn says “We take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously. BonaCaeli have helped us identify key COVID hotspots around our premises and areas where transmission would be at its highest. We can now mitigate this very effectively through the trial of the AirVSAFE, and demonstrate to our staff and customers that we are one of the safest places to eat and stay in England.”

Unlike the purifiers being used in the government trials in Bolton schools, the AirVSAFE uses multiple anti-viral techniques to eliminate infectious aerosol mists within an enclosed space. The treatments consist of:

1.    A high-efficacy bio-wash scrubber

2.    A powerful 72 watts of UVCI radiation to inactivate virus pathogens

3.    A dust, pollen and particulates filter, cleaning the air for people in the room.

“Investing in science can improve business income. Increasing occupancy rates and confidence as well as reducing staff illness and virus transmission could be the difference between make-or-break for many this year.” David Nason, BonaCaeli