Open pubs and restaurants on time with a digital twin

James Morris-Manuel, EMEA Managing Director at Matterport

While the lockdown is still set to continue under four integrated phases, much of the nation is on the edge of their seats waiting for pubs and restaurants to finally reopen their doors. The lockdown remains dated to 8 March, with pubs and restaurants opening up for outdoor, seated service on 12 April, and all indoor hospitality opening on 17 May. The way forward is still very much dependent on a number of factors, however with the rapid highly-effective vaccine roll-out still on schedule, and restaurants and pubs raring to open their doors again, the end date is in-sight.

The measures that the hospitality industry will have to take in order to open up their establishments to the public one again can potentially be rather extensive. Previous lockdown data suggests that both pubs and restaurants are facing a longer route back to normality than other sectors hit by substantial periods of closure. The anticipated long-awaited return of these establishments is at the forefront of the minds of much of society. Many pubs and restaurants are considering creating a ‘digital twin’ of their premises, to give the public and staff the much anticipated information of the practicality of safely welcoming punters back.

With Matterport’s 3D scanning technology, pubs and restaurants can create a digital twin of their entire premises in a few minutes which they can use to plan how to utilise the available space, and get people back both quicker, and safer. The scans are to-scale, enabling customers and staff to check if seating is properly distanced. For customers returning to restaurants and pubs, as well as other hospitality establishments, safety is the number one priority, and the Matterport 3D scanning technology provides a time-efficient and effective way to do this, by using immersive, highly detailed digital scans.