Profilo Smart _ design solutions for functional and inclusive environments

Profilo Smart Ltd – The company that revolutionizes spaces in a sign of inclusiveness and design

The company, founded in 2008, has created an innovative approach in the management and organization of spaces, through transformation and creativity, where design and functionality meet and merge to satisfy real people’s needs.

This vision is realized through the Profilo Smart furniture system, a modular track that is installed on the wall, designed to revolutionize the way in which spaces are organized.

The Profile, with a minimal design, is equipped with a customizable cover that hides the track and hooks and allows you to easily change and move the installed accessories, without specialized workers.

Architects and interior designers can rely on the company to develop projects that can grow, change and adapt to needs.

The company therefore intends to transform environments, in the name of functionality and inclusiveness, for each age group and population, which can find the suitable accessory, thanks to Profilo Smart.

The hospitality sector and public spaces have, now more than ever, the necessity to combine comfort and flexibility because requirements may be different depending on the end user.

In the hotelier world, the system blends harmoniously with the style and furnishings of rooms and suites to ensure the same aesthetic and quality levels for each guest.

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