How to Design the Right Music for Your Hotel

When it comes to the design of your hotel there are several key factors involved, from the furniture, architecture,
lighting, scents and of course the music.
While having continuous back ground music played throughout your hotel is a given, it is important to design specific music throughout the hotel that adjusts during the day and gives each space it’s own unique vibe. For example, playing smooth and soft lounge music in the lobby is much more logical than playing that in the gym while the gym is better off with high energy music than soft and smooth. It’s all about setting the right mood for the right time and place.
Like other facts of your hotels ambience such as the lighting and displays, the music should adjust and progress throughout the day in a way that seamlessly blends into the guest experience. Each guest is in a different mindset throughout the day and the music should reflect that.
Morning: Starting off each day right is important with music as it is with anything else in life. Some smooth but lightly upbeat music to get staff and guests in the mood for breakfast and their days ahead is a good way to begin the day.
Afternoon: After breakfast and the check out rush it’s good to mellow the music out a bit for the lunch crowd and quiet period before guests arrive for check in. Some light house music, jazz or lounge works well for the afternoons.
Evenings: This is where picking up the tempo and beat of the music is good. Whether guests are coming back after a long day of sightseeing, business meetings or just to have a few drinks in the hotel bar, some light but upbeat music helps bring the vibe you need for a hotel in the early evening hours. Then after the cocktail hours it’s good to bring the speed back down for dinner and the quieter evening hours.
Location and Hotel Types: Whether it’s a 5 star business hotel, a luxury resort in a remote location or a budget hotel, music can set the mood and effect a guests experience in a hotel. It’s also an extremely powerful branding tool, from the moment a guest arrives your hotel, the music is vital to stating who you are.
Music with vocals or without? This depends on the type of property and your brand but in most cases, vocals are advised against in the main areas of a hotel. For the pool and gym areas it can definitely work to have music with vocals but it’s generally better to welcome your guests to the main are as of your hotel with a carefully curated sound of instrumental music that matches your brand.
About the Author: Alex Bestall is the founder of Rightsify. Rightsify is a global music licensing agency based in Pasadena, California and provides music to hotels, restaurants, retailers and fitness centers in more than 30 countries.