Netwrx, the company offering strategic support for your IT network, has launched a front panel unit that can be simply fitted to in-room telephone sockets, allowing business guests to access high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage in their room, using existing telephone cabling.

 Based on the fact that guests can typically have up to three separate devices running at any one time including tablets, laptops and smartphones, this new system makes it possible for hotels to provide increased coverage, without the need to invest in costly surveys or cable installations.  Delivering the best Wi-Fi coverage means that guests benefit from increased broadband in every room, expanding bandwidth to accommodate more devices. Improving comfort and meeting with the increasing business needs of paying guests, visitors no longer have to rely on receptions areas, lobbies or restaurants in order to secure suitable connections and download speeds. Director of Netwrx, Luci Matthews comments: “When you are away on business the last thing you want is difficulties in accessing Wi-Fi. Typical wireless systems create areas where little or no coverage is available forcing guests to go to the lobby or restaurant, worse still they could end up sitting in corridors or even bathrooms before finding adequate speed”.

She adds: “It is generally cost prohibitive to upgrade the full hotels infrastructure but as our new system relies on existing telephone lines, it is a simple solution and can save businesses time and money. It is no longer good enough to offer paying business customers a limited service when others in the market will be taking advantage of more up-to-date solutions.”

Further benefits of the system include no disruption to business during upgrade due to the fast installation, as well as the fixing of additional ports allowing for increased features such as IPTV or On-Demand movies and games. In addition the panel supports 2.4 and 5 GHz band to match today’s latest technologies, along with a tamper resistant design and reduced problems with spotty coverage and bandwidth. As today’s guests expect more from business accommodation, it is anticipated that this product will replace old fashioned networks and caballing to become the system that hotels of all sizes are expected to implement in order to meet with the increasing demands of their customers.

Netwrx Ltd is both Cisco and Motorola partners offering strategic IT services without the jargon. The company provides a friendly and knowledgeable service, using more than 20 years of expertise within the market to support the IT and network requirements of guest houses and hotels. For more details about the new system, along with information about how Netwrx can improve ratings, customer feedback and increase the chance of repeat business, along with additional revenue opportunities, please ring 0800 2707980 or email [email protected].