Necta’s Latest Opera Touch Can Offer a Wide Variety of Drinks – and Deliver Them Fast!

Necta’s Latest Opera Touch Can Offer a Wide Variety of Drinks – and Deliver Them Fast!

Necta, a brand of the Evoca Group, has announced the arrival of Opera Touch; a new, hot drinks vending machine that combines the best in electronic technology with an optimised mechanical layout – with the effect of simplifying both maintenance and usage.

Every facet of Opera Touch revolves around its extraordinary 13.3” screen that not only allows the drinks menu to be dramatically expanded, but also enables the consumer to access, for example, nutrition and allergen information. With enhanced search options and a high degree of drink customisation, Opera Touch offers consumers an improved purchase experience.

Opera Touch is designed to be easily managed by operators. Thanks to its proven electronics, it’s quick and easy to programme operations and personalise the functions of the machine. Evoca’s standardised programming software results in familiarity across the entire range, as well as a reduction in operating costs thanks to speedy machine set up, easy fault diagnosis and simple maintenance.

It’s equally straightforward to customise the user interface. For instance, video content can be added to accompany the progress of the process, from stand-by to dispensing. The screen’s ability to host multimedia content also gives operators the possibility to communicate an extensive commercial offer and customise the selections with brands and logos.

Thanks to embedded Wi-Fi or optional 4G module, Opera Touch will be compatible with the soon-to-be-launched AmiClo and Televend Smart Start telemetry services – enabling data to be downloaded from and content to be transferred to the machine, remotely by operators.

Opera Touch offers the option of a new model which was specifically designed to offer fresh-brew tea, alongside instant coffee and soup. Opera Touch’s drinks menu is ideally suited to UK tastes and will be a natural fit in locations such as offices, factories and warehouses.


Invitations to tender for vending contracts often stipulate the installation of a machine that offers a wide variety of drinks and delivers them quickly. Opera Touch delivers all of that, and more.