Incredibly beautiful and sustainable countryside destinations

Incredibly beautiful and sustainable countryside destinations

Going on holiday is a wonderful way to have a break, see new places and enjoy some calming alone time, or time with family and friends. There are so many amazing places in the UK to choose from, whether you want to hike, experience some cultural delights, or simply want to relax at the beach. With plenty of accommodation options too, you should be able to find a break that matches your specific criteria.


But how can you do this without harming the planet? Whilst it’s true that avoiding international flights cuts down the carbon footprint of your travel, there’s still an impact associated with going on holiday. With more and more people concerned about ensuring their lifestyle is eco-friendly, there’s certainly a need to extend your sustainable practices to your holidays as well. To get your green holiday planning started, we take a look at some of the best sustainable destinations to visit in the UK.

The Lake District

As the name suggests, the Lake District is an area of the UK that is renowned for its natural beauty, and as such, it’s the perfect place for holidaymakers who love to spend their time hiking and exploring the great outdoors. It’s also a great choice for families, with plenty to keep little ones entertained, and lots of opportunities to try new activities such as kayaking and sailing together.


There are several current and historic initiatives in place in the Lake District to encourage sustainable tourism in the area. As you can imagine, the lakes are a popular choice for holidays, and as such there have previously been some issues around overcrowding, litter and damage to natural landscapes. The Lake District National Park board are aiming to combat this via improving public and low-carbon transport options, targeted signage to help increase awareness of how to be eco-friendly, and schemes to repair footpath erosion. You can do your bit by making an effort to leave no trace of your visit, walking or using bikes where you can, and choosing sustainable accommodation.


Whilst there’s plenty of natural beauty to be found in Cornwall in the form of beaches and hidden coves, the county is also home to the famous Eden Project, a haven for plant biodiversity. The iconic bubble domes house the largest indoor rainforest in the world, and the site is run as an educational charity, aiming to increase awareness about why we should protect all the plants in our world. They’re also championing the use of geothermal energy on the site, increasing our knowledge of this renewable energy source. What better place to visit as an eco-friendly holidaymaker?


A group of islands off the northeastern coast of Scotland, Orkney is a popular holiday destination for wildlife and history enthusiasts, but it’s also aiming to become a world leader in the ecotourism industry. In fact, the islands’ tourism strategy states that they want to be a world-class sustainable destination by 2030, so it’s the perfect place for eco-conscious visitors.


The islands are already leaning into the natural landscape here, utilising wind turbines, wave power, tidal generators and a hydrogen powered ferry. There are also more EV chargers than petrol stations, making it an ideal place for a sustainable roadtrip or campervan adventure. You can even hire an EV camper on the islands, so there’s no need to purchase your own. Simply turn up and enjoy the fantastic landscape, safe in the knowledge that you’re helping protect it for years to come.