New Lighting Designs for On-Trend Hospitality Interior Design

New Lighting Designs for On-Trend Hospitality Interior Design

Research has shown just how important interior design is to consumer spending habits and wellbeing when it comes to hotels and restaurants.  Industville’s lighting is designed not just to furnish the room but to define it.  With a new trend of modern, sleek, industrial style interiors, their new lighting designs are perfect for creating this elegant, sophisticated look in any establishment.

Having worked on countless interior projects for hotels, restaurants and bars, Industville knows only too well how much interior design can shape the customer experience.  They also appreciate that commercial interior design is constantly changing and evolving as Marketa Rypacek, MD at Industville comments, “Gone are the days of the obvious factory-like raw copper pipework and exposed bricks as we welcome a new era of ‘Modern Sleek Industrial Style’.

She continues, “Industrial design has evolved beautifully over the last few years and blended nicely into many other interior design styles, enhancing each one with its rough but sophisticated edginess.  We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and reacting to market trends and we saw our lights being used in a number of very broad interior styles, from scandi and botanical to maximalist and boho. From being in the industry for many years we had seen before how adaptable the industrial style is, and with this in mind the new designs were created to contribute to an even greater range of styles and applications. The new lighting collections are sleek, elegant and contemporary, whilst still giving a nod to the very best of our industrial design heritage.”

NEW Opal Lighting Collection

Industville’s new Opal Lighting Collection radiates style in a minimalist, understated fashion.  The new Opal Glass lights exude a timeless elegance, making them ideal for all kinds of eateries from stylish vibrant coffee shops to contemporary restaurants.  The subdued lighting effect they create also makes them a great choice for anywhere that needs a relaxing atmosphere such as secluded, romantic restaurant tables or hotel bedrooms.  The ethereal white shades pair beautifully with many of Industville’s light holder styles, and designers can choose from the Dome, Schoolhouse or Globe shaped shades, all of which look stunning in the new opal glass.  

NEW Statement Cluster Chandeliers

The new Cluster Chandelier lights are each compiled of a group of stunning pendants, displayed in either a line or at varying heights to create maximum impact. With an undeniable sense of style and visual interest, these beautiful cluster lights make an ideal focal point. Perfect for hotel receptions, entrance areas or bars, these stylish designs can’t help but catch the eye.

Unique and Customisable

The new cluster chandeliers are available with a choice of three, five or nine pendants, depending on the space available and the level of impact desired. Offered in a wide variety of shade and holder options, including the latest Opal Glass shades, there really is something to suit every project and interior style.  Further customisation options include the choice of flex, making it possible to create a unique cluster light that’s perfectly suited to the brand and space.

NEW Holder Designs

Also just launched are three new holder designs – Knurled, Chelsea and Sleek Cylinder. Each one follows the trend for cleaner, simple silhouettes to bring softness and elegance to any interior scheme.  The rounded Chelsea fixture pairs perfectly with Industville’s classic rounded shades such as the globes or domes, whilst the elongated shape of the Sleek Cylinder holder provides a modern twist on the classic pendant look.  Last but no means least, the Knurled Collection adds instant sophistication to any space.  These elegant, tactile light fixtures give an air of 1920’s glamour with their detailed lattice effect metalwork, whilst the sleek silhouette makes them ideal for today’s modern interiors.

Handcrafted Originality

As with Industville’s existing collections, each of the new designs is handcrafted like a work of art, giving every light a unique, original character. This is a conscious choice by Industville as they recognise that handmade methods produce better results in terms of quality and aesthetics, with each light retaining a modern but authentic style.  Unlike with machine manufacturing, each fixture is carefully created with precise attention to detail by an experienced craftsman, producing better results in terms of both quality and aesthetics. Coupled with the use of fine quality materials, it’s easy to see why Industville’s lights are room defining.


As with all of Industville’s lights, the new designs are sustainable too.  Made from 100% recycled metal and glass, even the packaging they are delivered in is made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. Marketa explains, “Sustainability is a priority at Industville and we strive to leave as small a footprint as possible.  We are constantly looking for ways in which to achieve this from scrutinising our production methods to be more efficient, to ensuring our designs are timeless, high quality and made to last. Our latest initiatives include eliminating polystyrene and plastic tape from our supply chain and prioritising lower carbon shipping methods.”  Industville are also part of the WEEE European recycling scheme for electrical equipment and have a policy to donate ex-display products to charities. 

Industville’s new designs lend themselves perfectly to the latest trend of Modern Sleek Industrial Style and to complete the look, Marketa offers the following advice, “When choosing colours, stick to a neutral palette which will provide an elegant base, perfect for this sophisticated look. Industrial style is synonymous with mixing wood and metal elements but for this more modern take, opt for pieces with smooth wood surfaces. For furnishings and accessories, try to stick to sleek, simple silhouettes and minimal styles, which will keep the space light and airy.  Glass is also good for allowing as much light as possible into the space, and glass light shades are a good choice, also helping to make a room feel larger than it actually is. For the perfect finishing touch to this style, select metallic fixtures and fittings such as raw copper, pewter and brass.”

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