The international hotel group, Motel One, has seen continued success in 2022 with nine hotel openings globally. Alongside the opening of Motel One Manchester-St. Peter’s Square in the UK are three openings in Motel One’s home country Germany, two in Austria, one in Spain and a property opening in December in the Netherlands.  

The most recent opening is New York City, which officially launched Motel One Group’s new lifestyle brand, The Cloud One Hotels. The new brand is all about experience, individuality and sustainability. The Cloud One Hotels is designed to impart a feeling of freedom and offers the hotel group more flexibility in developing new projects.  

The launch comes as the Motel One Group reveals its best quarterly result in the company’s history. The group is committed to resuming pre-pandemic levels of performance and occupancy in its hotels, and continued success post-pandemic has allowed for expansion across Europe and beyond. The Q3 financial results show a revenue increase of nearly 40% from pre-Covid (2019) to EUR 202 million. 

Stefan Lenze, Co-CEO of Motel One Group, added: “Our new brand is another driver of our expansion. It gives us even more flexibility in terms of our growth, both when taking over existing hotels and when opening up new projects and markets. We were recently able to secure locations in Chicago and Verona.”

Following the global openings and the announcement of the new brand, there are no signs of the group slowing down as they prepare for the openings of further locations, including Mannheim in Germany in addition to their first Irish hotel opening in Dublin early 2023.  Furthermore, in the UK, Motel One has secured two new locations in London.  

Whilst Motel One continues to expand, sustainability remains firmly a primary priority; as it has been since its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint in 2014. Since then, Motel One has reduced its emissions from overnight stays by 47%. Sustainable operations are also at the heart of The Cloud One Hotels brand. 

Taking significant steps towards its goal, all 2,194 rooms across Motel One UK locations are powered by 100% green electricity. In addition to 100% green electricity, the hotel group is implementing measures that go beyond simply enhancing recycling programmes.  

Progressive measures include the provision of natural cosmetics free of micro plastics, certification of sustainable buildings, conversion of company fleet to electric vehicles and updating travel guidelines to encourage public transport.  

Daniel Müller, Co-CEO of Motel One, said: “Opening Motel One hotels in the UK in 2013 was an obvious next step for our company. With that comes the responsibility to care for the environment in which we operate, and we’ve always been passionate about powering our hotels through 100% green electricity.  

“We’re proud of our sustainability achievements but there is always room for improvement, so we are reviewing new ways to make our operations, guest experience and employee experience more environmentally friendly.”  

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