Sustainable pairings with Naturewall

Sustainable pairings with Naturewall

Opposite interior combinations can create the ideal design update. With 2022 focusing more and more on bringing natural materials and colourways into commercial spaces and the home, Naturewall’s statement wall coverings add in an organic element, creating a comfortable environment for all.  

The designers of the Scandi-inspired panels are committed to ensuring products are not only style-conscious but also sustainable, with a variety of eco-friendly, easy-to-install designs. Manufactured by craftsmen in the UK using high-quality materials, each range has its own story.

The wall panels are easy to install and accessible for all those looking to bring the outdoors in. Using FSC-certified timber, the premium collection of sustainable, on-trend wood panels are readily available throughout the UK.

Combine different materials

Teaming natural wood with marble is an understated art form. The contrast of the cool marble against the warmth of wood balances ambiance and texture.

The SlatWall panels are the perfect accompaniment for eco-friendly furnishings and home styling. This popular design repurposed over 3 million recycle plastic bottles in 2021 to create the PET felt used for the acoustic backing that provides class A absorption.

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SlatWall Acoustic Natural Oak (Grey Felt) £129.99

Supersize a small space

Ordinarily, lighter colours and airy elements are the ‘go to’ update to deceive the size of a space. Adding dark, dramatic textures to small walls can often create a big visual opportunity. Opting for minimal furniture in similar textures but with opposing, tones will elevate the scheme and keep it eye-catching. 

The Reclaimed Pine Planks are made from 100% recycled pine that was previously used as snow fencing. It has naturally weathered in harsh environments, creating an authentic product that adds distinctive texture and character.

Reclaimed Pine Planks £79.99

Statement Colour

When selecting colours to use in neutral spaces, choose bright statement hints. Yellow and turquoise shades make for a cheery enhancement. When paired with natural walnuts and teak woods these hues will create a welcoming aesthetic.

Entirely crafted from used Javanese houses and boats, meaning no new trees are cut down to produce the panels making them extremely sustainable.

Java Teak Panels £99.99