Croatia the safest short-haul destination for UK visitors

Based on the international source ‘Our World in Data’, Croatia has the lowest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, compared to our main tourism competitors: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Turkey, Greece and Malta, making Croatia the safest short-haul destination for UK visitors.

Follow the link to find statement of the Croatian Health minister Vili Beroš:

As a result, Croatia’s Health minister, Vili Beroš expresses optimism with regards to stable epidemiological situation and urges continuing vaccination against COVID-19, as well as adherence to epidemiological measures.

In addition, The Government of the Republic of Croatia has secured an effortless and straightforward vaccination process for all foreign visitors free of charge. Upon arrival to Croatia, the only prerequisite for getting a jab against COVID-19 is presenting a valid passport at the closest county institute for public health. Please find the contacts on the following link: