Do your customers tell their friends about the wonderful night’s sleep they had in your bedding? Ours do…

Regularly featured in the best duvet, pillow and bed linen guides, scooms offers a natural, luxurious bedding collection that doesn’t compromise on quality. Plus, all our bedding is responsibly sourced, dust mite allergy resistant and free of plastic packaging. All our bedding is delivered from our UK warehouse.

Duvet – The perfect, fluffy duvet that’s like sleeping under a cloud. Our mix of 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% small white feather provides the ultimate combination of warmth and drape.

“5-star hotel feeling at home – The duvet is amazing, warm and snuggly, and the good quality of the product is evident. Also got the Egyptian cotton linen. Very happy with my purchase!” – Stan

Pillow – Our chamber pillow is made from a special blend of goose down and small feather. Soft, fluffy and supportive, our pillows invite you to just sink in and drift off.

“The best pillow ever! I stayed at a lovely hotel where they had the most wonderful pillows and had a brilliant night’s sleep. I took the pillowcase off to see the make of the pillow and ordered one online straight away, and it certainly is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had.” – Judy

Bed linen – We have two ranges of bedding, 100% authentic Egyptian cotton in a sateen weave for a soft, silky feel and super-soft Linen bedding with a casually relaxed appeal.

“We can’t wait to get into bed every night as it feels nicer than the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in, every night. True luxury. Such wonderful bedding!” – Simon

Get in touch and treat your guests to the perfect night’s sleep – / 07703 314997 / [email protected]