Where Has the Best Cuisine in the UK?

Although the rest of the world may think the British have a terrible cuisine, many of the areas of the UK are famed for having amazing eateries within them.

Each area may think they have the best food in the country, but where really does? Here we will discuss different areas of the UK and what makes them have the best cuisine. We won’t just look at British cuisine – we will look at what types of food different areas are serving up from all around the world.


Brighton is a top destination for many people wanting a great trip out in the UK, due to it being a seaside town. Because it is a seaside town, it is known for its fish and chips. But did you know Brighton has 15 restaurants mentioned in the Michelin guide?

64 Degrees is one of these Michelin guide restaurants, which is often voted Brighton’s best restaurant. The Great British Menu winner chef, Michael Bremner, uses local produce to create exciting menus.

As Brighton is a very modern area, there is no shortage of great vegetarian and vegan restaurants either. Terre à Terre is known for creating vegetarian and vegan dishes inspired by menus from all over the world, such as their Korean-inspired fried cauliflower coated in sweet and sour sauce.


Edinburgh is not just famed for its old architecture and haggis; it has some amazing restaurants. Edinburgh’s modern centre has a lot of new restaurants, but if you want a more traditional vibe, try going to the old town with its relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

However, if you are looking for somewhere livelier and more upbeat, try going down Thistle Street in New Town, with its various types of cuisine to try such as the hidden Mexican restaurant, El Cartel, which produces some of the best Mexican street food. They are the perfect little plates of food to eat alongside a good drink!


If you love browsing around a market while grazing on a selection of tasty food from a takeaway food box, Leeds is perfect for you. Its Kirkgate Market is the largest covered market in Europe, with over 800 stalls to choose from. It is perfect for those foodies who love street food and tasting many different cuisines all in one day. But if you prefer more of a sit-down meal, the family-run La Taberna serves up traditional Latin and Spanish cuisines in a tapas menu, so you can taste many of the dishes at once.


Of course, Aberdeen is known for its world-famous Aberdeen Angus beef, but Aberdeen also produces a lot of other amazing foods. Chattan Place is where to go in Aberdeen to get all of your fresh local produce. There are the obvious fresh meats and fish on offer, but also a bakery that creates fresh pies you can cook at home and diary products from the local farm. They cater for everyone, as well having gluten-free options on hand.


So, which area do you think has the best cuisine? Which areas are you now thinking of going to, to try out their amazing food? We hope this article has helped you pick out some new areas in the UK to go to and try their cuisine!