Gong Go From Strength to Strength

Gong are the go-to lighting brand for interior designers, architects, hotels and restaurants all around the world. Now with a brand new pop-up shop open until 30th June 2021 on Kings Road London you can see this exquisite lighting up close until.

Open 7 days a week from 11am-6pm you can view a stunning selection of floor, table and wall lamps, ceiling lights and dedicated collections in everything from brass and silk to glass and linen.



Timeless Design
Gong’s founder Jo Plismy is passionate about timeless design combined with the finest quality materials and expert artisan craftsmanship. “Our focus is on style with atmosphere,” explains Jo. “It all started when I visited London in my mid-twenties. I grew up in Belgium in a home full of 20th century furniture, surrounded by Asian and African art dealers. This is where my passion for eclectic and timeless objects began and I would often be found browsing for hours in markets at the weekends. Opening my interiors boutique on Portobello Road in 1999 seemed like a natural progression and when a second Gong boutique opened on Fulham Road a few years later, I began to design my own lighting. The popularity of those creations inspired me to do more and so I turned my attention exclusively to lighting design.”

Gong is a true family business and has grown substantially to become a high-end supplier to domestic and residential projects as well as wholesale; supplying shops, interior designers, architects and specifiers alike.


Inspired Thinking
Jo’s inspiration comes from many sources and whether it’s vintage mid-century piece of furniture or a Victorian trinket, she specialises in reinvention, dreaming up wonderfully exciting lighting designs that not only illuminate a space but also give it a focal point and statement centrepiece. “The Gong collections are unique,” adds Jo. “And their eclectic nature is what sets them apart from traditional high street finds. I believe that lighting can instantly change the entire atmosphere of any room, thanks to its decorative nature, the shape, material, texture and the light itself.” Jo goes on to say that it’s also the warmth of the light and how this is diffused throughout the room that can make all the difference. “Some of our designs have a shade with a golden interior to provide this warm hue,” she explains, “while others allow for a beautiful reflection on the walls and some use transparent fabric that changes colour once the light is switched on. This is what I love the most about lighting, the combination of shapes and materials to create different atmospheres and emotions.”



Jo’s Trend Predictions

2021 will see lighting become the focus of rooms rather than being merely functional. Lighting changes the mood, sets the ambience, and can help define spaces. My advice is to not be afraid to go big and bold with your lighting. Contrary to popular belief, oversized lights or lamps look fabulous in smaller rooms, as well as in larger spaces. I often advise my clients to see their lighting choices as pieces of art. Bold designs, tactile textiles and sculptural shapes will provide interest to an interior design scheme, even when the light is turned off.

Your interior should be an extension of your personality and your lighting choices give you the perfect opportunity to experiment and create some statement spaces.  It is equally, if not more important to consider the warmth of the light and how the light is diffused through the room. Shades with a golden interior provide a warm and welcoming hue, while metallic finishes create beautiful reflections on the wall which add interest and drama. Personally,  I also love the use of  fabric with lighting to achieve a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. Silk is particularly timeless and luxurious for creating a ‘soft’ light and fabrics such as linen, cotton and jute work beautifully to add depth and texture to a room.  Using lighting in these beautiful fabrics allow nature into your home giving a nod to Biophilic design, a trend that is set to remain big for 2021.