First hotel in UK to accept Covid19+ early discharge clients from NHS installs cutting edge clean air technology as part of major deal

First hotel in UK to accept Covid19+ early discharge clients from NHS installs cutting edge clean air technology as part of major deal

LHG (London Hotel Group) has announced a strategic partnership with 4th Wave Technology, a distributor of cutting-edge clean air technology, to provide VIRUSKILLER™ to its entire portfolio of properties, including the Best Western Plus London Croydon Aparthotel which made national and international headlines recently as the first hotel in the UK to start to taking in NHS clients for self-isolation amidst the surge in coronavirus cases.

The deal will see over 2500 VIRUSKILLERTM units, originally developed by the South Korean government in response to the 2003 SARS epidemic and capable of killing 99.9999% of airborne allergens, pollutants and viruses, rolled out across LHG-owned properties throughout London, totalling some 1500 rooms. One of the first to be fitted with the technology is the Best Western Plus London Croydon Aparthotel which has already received bookings from Kings College NHS Hospital and two London Local Authorities to place Covid19 and homeless clients.

With comfortable accommodation, the hotels provide a perfect environment for patient recovery, freeing up staffing and bed capacity on NHS wards. As the hotels need to adhere to strict hygiene protocols, the VIRUSKILLERTM technology, alongside appropriate PPE and extensive staff training, played an important role in readying the hotel to accept NHS clients. Each room, reception and public areas at the Best Western Plus London Croydon Aparthotel have VIRUSKILLER™ air steriliser units installed.

Meher Nawab, CEO, LHG, said: “Throughout this crisis we have looked to provide innovative solutions to offer our guests and staff a safe indoor environment, as well as thinking differently about our strategically located hotel portfolio and how it could support the NHS and local authorities with short- and medium-term solutions. The installation of Viruskiller clean air technology has played a vital part in ensuring our hotels are open and ready to help at this critical time.”

Naeem Walji, Principal at 4th Wave Technology, said: “The hospitality sector is facing significant challenges as it looks to re-open post the coronavirus health crisis. It has forced the hospitality market to revisit its entire hygiene and infection control methods, as well as consider alternate uses for its properties to keep businesses running and staff employed. In addition to social distancing and PPE guidelines, our VIRUSKILLER™ units can provide further safety measures and mitigated risk measurements.”

The introduction of VIRUSKILLER™ clean air technology products to the UK hospitality and healthcare sectors is timely. The technology focusses on killing airborne viruses, a factor particularly critical in efforts to combat coronavirus. The VIRUSKILLER™ technology creates an undetectable air flow which draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone towards the VIRUSKILLER™ to then flow clean air back into the breathing zones. It can eliminate 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants in a first single air pass.

A recent study by an independent EPA-registered Canadian laboratory found the VIRUSKILLER™ technology was able to reduce surface contamination by 99.81%.

4th Wave Technology will be hosting a Webinar on 4 February 2021, with guests including Meher Nawab CEO of LHG and Richard Greenwood, Founder of Radic8, who will discuss how VIRUSKILLER™️ can benefit many hotel locations and improve customer confidence in these complex and challenging times for the sector.

The webinar takes place on 4 February 2021 at 11am. Register for the webinar HERE:

For more information on VIRUSKILLERTM please visit

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