GOLDENSEA UV releases UV AIR range for continual air purification

GOLDENSEA UV, the industry-leading manufacturer of UV-C disinfection products, has released its new AIR range, designed specifically to cleanse the air of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

GOLDENSEA UV AIR purification solutions employ multi-stage filtration technology to bring the same peace of mind and effectiveness as its Surface range, only this time combatting the virus in an aerosolized form. Products can be ceiling or wall mounted for upper air purification, or free-standing for convenience. Circulating air is taken in and purified before being returned to the room, with tests showing that 99.9% of viruses are inactivated after just one pass through the UV AIR unit. All have the advantage of continuous use, even when people are present within the space.


Designed for all sizes and types of commercial and residential environments, GOLDENSEA’s UV AIR range offers 3 models, all of which use Philips UVC lamp tubes – the only lamps certified as effective against COVID-19:



Designed for larger spaces, UVAIR 216 is set on wheels for easy transportation to required areas. Its 4-stage filtration system is capable of disinfecting areas of up to 800m3.



This model has been designed for permanent installations in larger spaces and features high volume air exchange with a range of settings to suit your changing needs. Offering 3-stage filtration, it can be wall or ceiling mounted and provides discreet air purification over areas up to 1000m3.



A compact and stylish mobile model for medium-size spaces covering up to 300m3.

GOLDENSEA’s UVAIR range offers the most comprehensive range of options for integrating into modern cleaning regimes in all kinds of environments. From hotels, offices, bars and restaurants to workshops, gyms, schools, banks, conference rooms, waiting rooms, class rooms, public transportation, hospitals and many other large public spaces, GOLDENSEA UV AIR has the perfect solution for your requirements.

Airborne transmission of pathogens is a significant route of infections with SARS-CoV-2 in indoor spaces. Our daily routines enhance transmission of pathogens, while confined and crowded spaces lack filtered air circulation – even our HVAC systems generally only recycle dirty air. However, UVAIR disinfection, used as an addition to standard cleaning procedures, can reduce turnaround times, safe-guard staff and clients and restore customer confidence in the face of today’s pandemic. UV-C technology avoids the hazards and disadvantages of chemical sprays such as damage to surfaces, high running/material costs, exposure of personnel to hazardous substances or UV-C radiation, and reduces the risk of cross contamination due to poor or inconsistent cleaning practises or accidental transmission.

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GOLDENSEA UV is manufactured by industry leading, hi-tech lighting design and manufacturer Golden Sea Professional. Its large team of experts ensures quality, safety and performance are of the highest level. All GOLDENSEA UV’s products are CE, ETL and FCC compliant and listed.



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