How contactless remote access control solutions can help meet new hospitality guidelines.

We’ve had to adapt the way we interact when visiting hotels, rental accommodation, B&B’s, restaurants and hospitality venues, and the new processes we are following also bring new challenges for access control. The hospitality sector is focused on reducing contact with guests, is required to keep track of the number of people inside a venue at any one time and has had to restrict access to some rooms. Smart access control solutions can provide different levels of security when required and flexible contactless access – reducing the need for physical contact.

Smart lock technology can be used to help receptionists and hotel managers to automatically stagger check-in and check-out times, minimising crowding at the same time. This provides reassurance to guests and reduces the need for them to maintain social distancing from each other. The technology also reduces the time staff need to spend helping guests check in, allowing them to focus on other duties including more regular cleaning.

With Codelocks Smart Locks staff can simply program locks via a smartphone. The sophisticated NetCode technology enables staff to quickly generate and send time-sensitive codes for easy access. This solution is ideal for venues with conference facilities and hotels with gyms and spas. Codelocks Smart Locks allow staff to grant access to designated areas at specific times and enable them to keep track of how many people are using the facilities. The entire process of booking and granting access to the facilities (gym, spa etc) can be done remotely – letting your guests know that you are doing everything possible to keep contact to a minimum.

Codelocks newly released WiFi Gateway offers the next level of control and convenience to smart lock users. One WiFi Gateway allows a user to control up to four compatible Codelocks Smart Locks from any WiFi connected mobile device. The new WiFi Gateway is ideal for buildings that are already using, or want to initialise using, multiple Codelocks Smart Locks and looking to unlock the next level of convenient access control.

There are clearly a lot of things that hotels, restaurants, gyms and guesthouses need to consider in order to remain open for business. Providing keyless access to venues, rooms, spas and lockers could give them one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re preparing your hospitality business for the ‘new normal’ or simply want to increase efficiency and provide a better service for guests, upgrading to a flexible access solution is a good place to start.

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