Flour & Grape, the Bermondsey restaurant famous for its indulgent, yet affordable and authentic pasta and wine, has entered the delivery market with the launch of Flour & Grape At Home – giving customers the chance to recreate their favourite dishes at home with ease.

The entry into delivery is a move to expand the brand, representing a long-term shift in London’s restaurant scene post lockdown, which increasingly is pointing less towards eating out and more towards consumers interacting with restaurants in a more holistic sense. Far from delivery options being a quick solution to the impact of Covid on hospitality, this indicates the future of the scene in the ‘new normal’ – with delivery services continuing to surge in popularity, especially for the more cautious consumer.

With staying in being the new going out and many consumers still feeling cautious about returning to restaurants, not to mention lots of them having struggled to get a table at Flour & Grape during busy times, the team is looking to recreate the tasty and indulgent experience at home. Customers can now not only create and devour their favourite dishes, but also enjoy them alongside a specially paired wine designed to bring out the flavour. With only regional Italian wines on the menu, the team are passionate about serving the best options and strive to feature more unusual choices at a reasonable price. Low mark-ups are specifically offered in a move to make fine wine more accessible.

Pasta dishes to cook up at home in less than 10 minutes will be available to collect from the restaurant site, or those lucky enough to live within a five-mile radius of the famous pasta powerhouse can order it straight to their door. Each kit includes everything needed to create the highest quality pasta dish, including pasta made freshly that day, alongside e sauce and parmesan, with step-by-step recipe cards so you can enjoy hassle free indulgence transported straight from Flour & Grape’s dining room to your own.

After months of experimenting the team have perfected the preparation process and have developed clever packaging, allowing the freshest ingredients to be delivered straight to the door without compromising on taste.

Founder Nick Crispini commented, “Flour & Grape Pasta At Home has been something we were looking to develop long before lockdown – so it was imperative we got it exactly right rather than rushing to get something over the line. This is very much a long-term expansion to our business model rather than a stop-gap response to the pandemic. With many consumers continuing to stay in during this time or having struggled to get a table during busy times, we are looking to bring the experience of eating out to their door. Lots of spaces are choosing to keep their doors closed until they can find a safe way to operate that doesn’t compromise on experience – which is why we wanted to expand our offering to include delivery, so we can still offer consumers the best experience possible.”


Flour & Grape uses only the finest ingredients and produce, with their pasta being rolled freshly every-day, to ensure the best tasting and freshest flavours each time. Dishes are also affordable, starting from only £7

The menu features a range of Flour & Grape’s most iconic pasta dishes, including:

  • Tortelloni (Roasted pork shoulder, sage butter)
  • Taglierini (Preserved truffle, butter emulsion, parmesan)
  • Pappardelle (Beef short-rib ragu)
  • Bucatini (Tomato, black olive, caper, chili. VEGAN)
  • Fazzoletti (Spinach, mascarpone, nutmeg, parmesan)
  • Linguine (King prawn, tomato, garlic, chilli)
  • Fagottini (Ricotta, spinach, tomato, parmesan)
  • Vegetable Lasagna (Summer vegetables, tomato, bechamel, parmesan)

The website will be live for pre-orders from 9am Tuesday 28th July 2020.

Collection and delivery will be available at the following times:

Wed & Thurs: 3pm-6pm
Fri: 3pm-5pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm-5pm