The cocktail star, a modern twist of an Old Tom Gin, named Purity Craft Nordic Organic Old Tom Gin is part of the new successful Organic Handcrafted Gin family Purity has launched in 2020 and is planning to bring to the UK retail market. 


Handcrafted, made with organic ingredients, and based on Purity’s award-winning 34 times distilled spirit one could easily describe this very tasty Old Tom gin with a touch of organic cane sugar – as the ultimate gin for all your summer cocktails. In our recipe, we take the sweet softness and blend it with organic botanicals that explode in full blossom to make your cocktails sing. A natural for the summertime, Purity Organic Old Tom Gin pairs perfectly with any mixer and loves tangy citrus flavors.


Mathias Tönnesson is the master blender behind the award-winning distillery best known for Purity Vodka, winner of over 229 international medals including the award “World´s best tasting Vodka” by IWSC.


He explains, “The secret to making a great gin is having a fantastic base to start with. It’s like cooking with a bad piece of meat versus a high-quality cut. Your foundation spirit must be exemplary, fortunately, we already had the perfect base spirit.” Purity´s award-winning organic vodka is unusually flavorful and smooth because it is not made in the usual way. Purity distills the heart of the vodka a whopping 34 times (and 51 times for their Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve Organic Vodka) to make a spirit that is exceptionally smooth and flavorful.


Mathias continues, “The taste profile of this cocktail gin with its 43% ABV can best be described as – soft and with a sweet juniper touch, basil and thyme linger on the nose and continue through to the palate. That delectably floral bouquet then lasts onto the long finish where it is joined by notes of Nordic blueberry and lingonberry.


Purity Old Tom Gin is launched in the UK  in partnership with Craft Gin Club, the UK’s biggest gin subscription service, and is exclusively available on their online shop


Master Blender Mathias Tönnesson said: “For our UK launch, it was important to reach a wide base of real gin enthusiasts who could appreciate the unique profile and distillation process behind Purity Old Tom Gin. Craft Gin Club was the perfect match.” 


John Burke, Craft Gin Club Co-founder, and Commercial Director added  “Purity Old Tom Gin has been a rewarding gin discovery that we couldn’t wait to share with our club members. The early feedback from our members has been fantastic.”



Purity Organic Craft Nordic Old Tom Organic is available at https://club.craftginclub.co.uk/products/purity-old-tom-gin-abv-43-70cl  for a suggested retail price of £39.95.


For more information, please visit www.puritydistillery.com