Spiral Cellars target home improvement market with new Spiral Cellar Kit @Spiral_Cellars

Spiral Cellars, the UK’s leading supplier of luxury wine storage, is targeting the build and home improvement market with the launch of its new Spiral Cellars KITs.

A Spiral Cellar KIT enables a construction or build team to independently install a luxury underground wine cellar without having to call upon the additional services of a Spiral Cellars installation team.  A highly detailed installation manual provides instruction on how to dig and prepare the hole for the cellar, and then, when ready, the cellar is supplied in modular format ready for the construction team to install themselves.

Additional installation option with the launch of the ‘Assisted KIT’

Spiral Cellars are confident that a competent build team can install a Spiral Cellar themselves simply by following the KIT Installation Manual.  However, for less experienced build teams who feel they would benefit from some assistance with the installation, Spiral Cellars have also introduced an ‘Assisted KIT’ installation option.

The Assisted KIT provides clients with an on-site presence of a Spiral Cellars Installation Manager to help undertake, support and advise on the more complicated aspects of the install.  The ‘Assisted KIT’ bridges the gap between the full Spiral Cellars installation service and build teams having to “go it alone”. And because a trained Spiral Cellars team member is on site for the installation, a cellar bought as an ‘Assisted KIT’ has the additional benefit of coming with a full cellar warranty.

It’s anticipated that both the Spiral Cellars KIT and the Assisted KIT will appeal to developers and contractors as well as private clients having work done on their properties who have access to a build team.  Of course, for private clients without access to a build team, Spiral Cellars will continue to offer their Full Installation service, whereby they undertake every aspect of the installation from start to finish.

Benefits of a Spiral Cellars KIT

  • A cellar purchased in a KIT format is the most cost-efficient means of specifying a luxury Spiral Cellar on the market. KITs start from as little as £18,840
  • A KIT offers greater scheduling flexibility within a larger project by handing full installation control to the developer
  • The on site presence of a member of the Spiral Cellars Installation Team (Assisted KIT only), provides invaluable training, a smart investment for build teams planning to install subsequent cellars as it reduces the cost of future cellar installs
  • With an eye on the current pandemic situation, a KIT reduces the overall on-site head-count
  • The entire range of Spiral Cellars are available in KIT format, so customers can quite literally build their dream cellar from options that include:
    • White or Original cellar – contemporary white finish or more rustic finish suitable for those seeking an urban or more traditional looking cellar
    • Cellar depth of 2m, 2.5m or 3m –  offering storage for between 1,000 and 1,9000 bottles depending on cellar depth
    • Range of glass or concealed door options – for those looking to make their cellar an interior centrepiece and for those wanting it to seamlessly blend in to the surrounding flooring

Spiral Cellars has seen a huge increase in enquiries during the Covid-19 period, with a 130% increase in traffic to its website during lockdown. Cellar and wine room enquiries have doubled compared to the same period last year. Spiral Cellars believe this is due to several reasons:

  • Lockdown has exposed the limitations of not having a home wine cellar.
  • Equally, it has highlighted the key benefit of a home cellar – the luxury and convenience of having your entire wine collection at home to pick and choose from on a whim
  • Stripping away daily commutes, has presented prospective clients with more time on their hands. Some are using this time to research and undertake projects, such as creating a home cellar, that they always wanted but previously didn’t have time for.

Kit Price Facts:

The price of a Spiral Cellar KIT varies dependent on the chosen cellar depth, model and door option but start upwards from £18,840. A Spiral Cellars Assisted KIT starts from £21,340.

Spiral Cellars kits can be viewed online at www.spiralcellars.co.uk

About Spiral Cellars:

Spiral Cellars designs, crafts and installs a range of cellaring options, from premium wine cellars to beautifully hand-crafted wine rooms.  Founded almost 40 years ago and still privately owned, Spiral Cellars is the UK’s leading provider of luxury wine storage, having created beautiful wine cellars for almost 4,000 wine-loving customers. Spiral Cellars understand the complexities involved with cellaring wine and have the know how to create the optimum climatic and environmental conditions in which to keep it.   They pride themselves on their personal approach – designing and installing the right cellaring solution to meet clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, the client’s personal taste and style, space and budget.