DreamWorks project takes Stoke-on-Trent manufacturer across the pond

Along with manufacturing floor tiles, tiled murals and ceramic signage The Surface Design Studio has recently taken on a project for DreamWorks at their latest attraction, American Dream. The team took on the challenge of heading to the USA to complete a custom swimming pool design.

The team, who are world renowned for their custom-made tile production, were tasked with producing custom tiles for the lazy river feature of the waterpark. A project they thrived on, the team produced 18,500 tiles in four weeks and then spent a further four weeks installing the bespoke pieces at the New Jersey, USA, waterpark.


The Surface Design Studio Director, Mark Wood said: “The size and scale of this project is the biggest we’ve ever done. We were contacted by DreamWorks through our website and they needed a quick turnaround of tiles that met their quality testing. Due to our kiln fired tiles and colourfast technology we passed their testing and started producing tiles for the project.”


The waterpark is set to be part of a great family attraction. The lazy river features three unique areas, each mural is made up of tiles that are kiln fired between 800c to 1250c for a permanent solution to create a long-lasting finish to the swimming pool area.


The three areas will feature The Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek. The design was created by the DreamWorks design team and will allow visitors to float around and experience the different areas dedicated to the featured DreamWorks characters.


Mark continued: “The best part about the project was being able to complete consultations, this meant I could offer the best advice and get actions agreed quickly. We could offer solutions such as using different sized tiles to reduce cost implications and installation times for the project, a great solution for the project as it was on a tight timescale.”


The custom tiles and commitment to work provided by The Surface Design Studio team was delivered highly professionally and to top quality. This is reflected by a further request from DreamWorks for the team to complete more tile projects for the waterfall and wave pool in the waterpark.


As part of their American Dream attraction DreamWorks is also installing a shopping mall, indoor theme park and full-sized ice rink to go alongside the waterpark.