Keep your home warm and cosy this winter with MeacoHeat Motion Heaters. @meacouk

According to climate experts, Britain could be heading into one of its coldest winters in decades, colder even than 2018’s “Beast from the East”, which saw temperatures in Scotland drop to -14°C.

During particularly cold spells schools may close and workers can be forced to stay at home. Keeping warm and cosy is essential, and this is when a  MeacoHeat Motion Heater is ideal for boosting heat, alongside traditional heating systems. A motion detection sensor means the unit will only be activated once a person walks into the room, which makes it an economical way to heat a space. It can be used as a standalone unit for rooms that may be less-frequently used, such as a conservatory or children’s playroom that require heating when in use.  Or used to create an extra boost of warmth in the living room or bedroom when needed. When people leave the room, the heater will switch off, giving customers peace of mind that they aren’t wasting money leaving appliances on heating empty rooms.

MeacoHeat Motion Heaters use safe PTC ceramic technology to offer fast start-up time. A thermal cut out and tilt safety switch ensure that, if they are accidentally knocked over, they switch off.

A fan option means they can be used all year round. The smaller model, 1.8kW has two outputs levels to save energy, a 1-7 hour off timer and a fan only mode for summer use. The larger 2.0Kw adds oscillation to the specification to distribute the heat evenly through a 70° arc. A three-level thermostat replaces the off timer to provide another level of control.

There are two models, available in either red, black or white and with their small and stylish design, they are sure to look great in any room in a house.

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