Lingua Franca Founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson and The Luxury Collection Unite Global
Explorers with Local Culture through Common Language and Travel-Inspired Phrases

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 24, 2019 – The Luxury Collection® Hotels & Resorts today unveiled an
exclusive line of cashmere travel sets in collaboration with Rachelle Hruska MacPherson and her
coveted cashmere clothing brand, Lingua Franca.

The limited-edition capsule collection, Lingua Franca x The Luxury Collection Travel Sets, includes
three kits of beautiful cashmere essentials that speak to the art of travel and are inspired by The Luxury
Collection’s dedication to encouraging Global Explorers to explore new destinations and seek out
uncharted experiences and new adventures. Each set is hand embroidered and feature Lingua
Franca’s first-ever travel-inspired phrases. Lingua Franca, which stands for “Common Language,” is
the brainchild of American entrepreneur and designer, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, who created the
highly followed brand with the goal of connecting individuals to local cultures and trends through her
designs, just as The Luxury Collection does through their storied hotels.

The Lingua Franca x The Luxury Collection Travel Sets each contain a blanket, socks, embroidered eye
mask and travel bag with zip closure, all of which are 100% cashmere and hand-sewn. The kits, in the
colors navy, black and tan reflect the experiential luxury that an individual seeks when planning their
next getaway, while also allowing travelers a chic way to relax throughout their travels. Available in
three different styles, the sets feature fun phrases including:

• Travel Bag: “Wake Me For Champagne” + Mask: “Seat 1A,” a subtle yet playful nod to the
glamour of traveling in First Class
• Travel Bag: “Travel Light, Be Heavy” + Mask: “I’m Out,” made for jetsetters who truly immerse
themselves in their destinations, and as a result always need that precious sleep on the plane
• Travel Bag: “Where to Next?” + Mask: “Wheels Up”, perfect for global explorers who are
always seeking out their next adventure

“Lingua Franca is an overarching thread that allows people to connect no matter where they are in
the world, and The Luxury Collection embodies this through their stunning hotels that permits
travelers to gain a profound understanding of destinations, no matter where they are in the world,”
said Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, CEO and Founder of Lingua Franca. “For me, this was the perfect
collaboration as both brands help to tell the same story and bring people of all cultures, beliefs, and
backgrounds together by creating an opportunity to connect through a common language.”

“Rachelle shares our passion for bringing people together through a desire to connect with local
culture, but also because she embodies the courageous spirit, exceptional talent, and love for
exploration that all of our avid travelers share,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, The Luxury
Collection. “This collaboration was a natural one, as Lingua Franca believes in The Luxury Collection’s
core passions, and Rachelle continually strives to connect people through her designs.”

The limited-edition Lingua Franca x The Luxury Collection Travel Sets are sustainably sourced and
made of fair trade, luxury cashmere. Each kit is personally hand-stitched by women in New York City.
The sets come in one convenient size and are exclusively available for purchase on Each piece in the collection retails for USD $425.