Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Anastassiadis is constantly engaged in creating timeless projects, unique experiences and emotions that showcase identity and purpose through a sophisticated look.

Throughout the years, Anastassiadis has developed and completed globally-recognized projects around the world that stood out for the impeccable attention in the architecture and interior design for a roster of brands such as Four Seasons, Oetker Collection, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Grand Hyatt, Sisley-Paris and Jean-Georges Vongherichten amongst others.

Anastassiadis is pleased to share with you its hero hospitality and residential projects.




Named after the South American bird that paints the Brazilian sky with its iridescent feathers, Palacio Tangara is the latest avis rara to fly among the country’s finest hotels. Occupying an imposing mansion at the centre of Burle Marx Park, a 27-acre stretch of dense Atlantic rainforest 10 miles southwest of the centre of São Paulo, Palacio Tangara has been brought back to life by Anastassiadis. The architecture practice has expertly blended the European aesthetic of this Oetker Collection property with traditional Brazilian elements, materials and furniture. Anastassiadis is responsible for the design of all the common areas within the hotel, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten-conceived restaurant and the six-treatment-room Sisley-Paris spa.





Nestled on a private Caribbean island two miles from Antigua, Jumby Bay is a secluded haven with beautiful landscapes and stunning white sand beaches. Anastassiadis is responsible for the fresh Ocean-inspired look of the property which is part of the Oetker Collection. The sleek and laidback tropical style, paired with light, bright colours and textures, with light and airy tones paired with lush greenery reflects the island’s natural beauty and evokes a feeling of refined, relaxed luxury.  Rattan furniture and natural-inspired rope-like textures adorn the spaces, putting a contemporary spin to the resort’s formal tradition. For the common spaces of Jumby Bay, Anastassiadis has taken inspiration from the sky and sea, where light natural textures are weaved with solid marble to create a cool and calm aesthetic.

Jumby Bay was completed in January 2019.





To be completed in 2021, the 18-storey condo tower in Miami Beach, Florida, features interiors by Anastassiadis. With a mix of contemporary design in its common areas and private apartments, the refined choice of furniture takes the space to a higher level of glamour at the Miami scene. The lobby area as well as the Party Room/Bar of Ocean 57 features furniture and site-specific lighting installations by the most-renowned international design brand. The spa area comes from the holistic approach of blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors with Italian furniture that not only bring beauty to the environments but also complement the relaxing atmosphere of the space.





Nestled in the fresh, lively atmosphere of Brazil, the first Fairmont hotel in South America is in the heart of one of the most spectacular locations in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach.  Following major architectural work by Anastassiadis, the hotel opened in August 2019 with a design inspired by the Rio glamour of the 1950s. The interior design follows the understated elegance of Fairmont with a nod to Brazilian design featuring a number of furniture item and accessories by local brands and independent makers, including Patricia Anastassiadis herself.





Architect, interior decorator and product designer Anastassiadis founded her eponymous office in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1993.

The rich international scene of São Paulo, combined with a team of over 35 experienced architects from all over the world, provides a unique cultural melting pot which is the trademark of Anastassiadis’ work process. Specialising in both interior design and architecture, Anastassiadis is best known for her ability to create timeless projects and sophisticated interiors which are essentially unique in their style, elegance, and subtle combination of identity and purpose.

The expertise and attention to details, combined with an interest in art, history and anthropology, are only some of the features that make Anastassiadis stand out. A coherent design narrative shines through the accurate design, sense of place, as well as the use of sophisticated materials and handmade elements. Thanks to the constant search for new materials and innovative textures, Anastassiadis have been celebrated in Brazil and worldwide for the past two decades. | @Anastassiadis